10 Facts about Brazil

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Facts about Brazil talk about the largest country in Latin America and South America. The official name of Brazil is Federative Republic of Brazil. Based on the population and geographical area, Brazil is considered as the fifth largest country in the world. Brazil is very special for it is the only one in America with the largest Portuguese speaking people. Here are other facts about Brazil for you:

Facts about Brazil 1: the border

The coastline of Brazil is 4,655 miles on the east of Atlantic Ocean.  Due to the large geographical area, Brazil shares border with almost all countries in South America except Chile and Ecuador.

Facts about Brazil 2: the environmental protection

Do you know that Amazon forest is located in Brazil? It is a protected habitat even though the deforestation is still occurred in some parts of the country.

Brazil Country

Brazil Country

Facts about Brazil 3: the history of Brazil

If you check out the history of Brazil, it was inhabited by different kinds of tribes before Predro Alvares Cabral arrived in Brazil in 1500.

Facts about Brazil 4: a Portuguese colony

Until 1808, Brazil was a Portuguese colony. After the invasion of French to Portugal, the capital of Lisbon was moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Brazil Landmark

Brazil Landmark

Facts about Brazil 5: a presidential republic country

In 1889, Brazil was a presidential republic country. It has the bicameral legislature. People call it National Congress now.

Facts about Brazil 6: the economy

One of the key sectors of Brazil economy is from tourism industry. In 2010, the country was visited by at least five million tourists. It took the third place of the most popular country to visit in Latin America. The activities of the tourists are mostly centered on the adventure travel, beaches and recreational places. Find out Brazil Economy facts here.

Brazil Skyline

Brazil Skyline

Facts about Brazil 7: the famous places to visit

Some of the famous places to visit in Brazil include beaches at Rio de Janeiro, the Pantanal in Center West Region, Northeast Region, São Paulo city and Minas Gerais.

Facts about Brazil 8: the railway system

Since 1945, the railway system in Brazil is decreasing. People focus more on the highway construction.



Facts about Brazil 9: the first underground transit system in Brazil

The first underground transit system in Brazil was Sao Paulo Metro. You can find other Metro systems located in Brasilia, Fortaleza, Teresina and Recife.

Facts about Brazil 10: airports

Brazil is a home to at least 2,500 airports. US take the first largest number of airports in the world, while Brazil gets the second place. The busiest airport in Brazil is São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport. It handles 20 million passengers per year. Find out another country in Belize facts.

Facts about Brazil

Facts about Brazil

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