10 Facts about Brazil Carnival

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Find out the interesting annual festival in Facts about Brazil Carnival. The celebration for this carnival is used to mark the start of Lent. It is conducted 51 days before Easter on Friday Afternoon and Ash Wednesday at noon. If you check out the traditional activities on the certain days of Lent, the Roman Catholic and Christians will not consume meat or poultry. Get more interesting facts about Brazil Carnival below:

Facts about Brazil Carnival 1: the diverse celebration

The celebration of Brazil carnival is different based on the regions of the country. Therefore, you can find out different costumes, participation and rhythm.

Facts about Brazil Carnival 2: the Samba Schools

Most samba schools are the leaders during the Brazil carnival in Vitoria, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other southeastern cities. Find out Brasilia facts here.

Facts about Brazil Carnival

Facts about Brazil Carnival

Facts about Brazil Carnival 3: the official parades

The public can enjoy the official parades for they are conducted to be watched by all people. The public participation can be seen in the minor parades.

Facts about Brazil Carnival 4: the Brazil carnival in northeastern cities of Brazil

The celebration of British Carnival in Porto Seguro, Salvador, Olinda, Recife and other northeastern cities is conducted by some groups. They will have parades on the cities. The public will be able to interact with the participants of the parades.

Brazil Carnival

Brazil Carnival

Facts about Brazil Carnival 5: the activities of the crowds

The crowds can do various activities on the street. They can sing, dance and follow the trios eletricos. The local folklore influences the carnival in the northeast areas.

Facts about Brazil Carnival 6: the music

The carnival celebrated in Rio de Janeiro has different musical genres. Those include marchinha, samba de embalo, samba de bloco and samba-enredo.

Brazil Carnival Queen

Brazil Carnival Queen

Facts about Brazil Carnival 7: the coastal cities

The Brazil carnival is very intense in the coastal cities. It is one of the famous annual events which attract the local and foreign people. They will celebrate it for day and night.

Facts about Brazil Carnival 8: the report in 2011

In 2011, the carnival located in Rio de Janeiro can attract at least 4.9 million people. The foreigners were 400,000 people.

Brazil Carnival Picture

Brazil Carnival Picture

Facts about Brazil Carnival 9: the cultural manifestation

The Brazil carnival is considered as the culture manifestation during the Age of Discoveries. If you check the style of carnival in Rio de Janeiro, it reflects the European styled festival. It also has the African and Native American elements.

Facts about Brazil Carnival 10: the costumes

The customs of Brazil Carnival are unique.  The groups of people who wear special t-shirt with logos or themes are called the Carnival blocos in Brazil. Get facts about Brazil here.

Brazil Carnival Pic

Brazil Carnival Pic

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