10 Facts about Brazil Culture

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If you want to know the core culture of the Brazilian people, get Facts about Brazil Culture. The culture of Brazil is not boring.   You can find diverse culture and ethnic mixing here during the colonial period. The diversity is caused by the mixture of the indigenous culture of Brazil with the Portuguese and African culture. Let’s check more interesting facts about Brazil culture below:

Facts about Brazil Culture 1: the multiethnic and multicultural society

The multiethnic and multicultural society in Brazil is also affected by the settlement of Portuguese, Levantine Arabs, Spaniards, Helvetians, Nipponics, Germans, Ukrainians and Poles in Brazil.

Facts about Brazil Culture 2: the Portuguese Empire

The Brazilian core of culture is mostly affected by the Portuguese culture for this country was colonized by Portugal for at least three centuries.

Facts about Brazil Culture

Facts about Brazil Culture

Facts about Brazil Culture 3: the inheritance of Portugal

Some of the Portuguese cultures are reflected on the predominant religion, Portuguese language and colonial architectural buildings. They were affected by the other western European countries, American tradition and Africa culture.

Facts about Brazil Culture 4: Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian Carnival is a celebration in Brazil conducted before the Easter. The people can enjoy this carnival for 46 days. It also has the religious Christian aspect. Get facts about Brazil here.

Brazil Culture

Brazil Culture

Facts about Brazil Culture 5: the music in Brazilian carnival

You can enjoy different kinds of music during the Brazilian carnival. In Southeast region and Rio de Janeiro, you can expect to listen to marchinha and samba-enredo.

Facts about Brazil Culture 6: the national dish in Brazil

Feijoada is the national dish in Brazil. The main elements in the dish include pork and black beans.

Brazil Culture Picture

Brazil Culture Picture

Facts about Brazil Culture 7: the type of Brazilian cuisines

It is not easy to decide the exact types of Brazilian cuisine for it may vary based on the region. Bean and rice are important as a staple food for the Brazilian people. They contain fiber, starches and amino acids.

Facts about Brazil Culture 8: Brigadeiro

During the Birthday parties, you can find a very popular Brazilian candy. It is called Brigadeiro. Other foods served in the Brazilian party include pine nuts, coxinhas, empanadas, churrasco and beijinhos.

Brazil Culture Image

Brazil Culture Image

Facts about Brazil Culture 9: the native liquor

Can you mention the native liquor in Brazil? It is Cachaça. The people create this liquor from the sugar cane.

Facts about Brazil Culture 10: the types of dance

When talking about the famous dance in Brazil, people always expect to see samba. Actually there are many other dances to see like Zouk-Lambada, Maxixe, Lundu, Boi, Frevo, Xote, Xaxado and Lambada. Find out facts about Brazil Carnival here.

Brazil Culture Facts

Brazil Culture Facts

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