10 Facts about Brazil Football

Monday, August 24th 2015. | Sports

Facts about Brazil Football talk about the most popular sport in Brazil.   The national football team in Brazil has a wonderful record for it won the FIFA World Cup tournament five times in 2002, 1994, 1970, 1962 and 1958. The national team is considered as the successful one in the world. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Brazil football below:

Facts about Brazil Football 1: Jules Rimet Trophy

Jules Rimet Trophy was given to Brazil after the national football team of Brazil won the third world Cup competition in 1970.

Facts about Brazil Football 2: World Cup 2014

Brazil was ranked in the 22nd position 365 days before the beginning of World Cup 2014. It was considered as the lowest position of the national football team of Brazil.

Facts about Brazil Football

Facts about Brazil Football

Facts about Brazil Football 3: Pele

Pele is considered as a legend. People call him as the greatest football player ever. He led Brazil to win.

Facts about Brazil Football 4: other prominent football players

Brazil has many legendary football players. Those include Kaka, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Romario, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, and Ronaldo. They are for the men’s football. In the women’s football game, Marta is considered as a prominent player. Get facts about Brazil World Cup 2014 here.

Brazil Football Style

Brazil Football Style

Facts about Brazil Football 5: the stars

Many famous Brazilian football players become the stars nationally and internationally. They endorse different products and earn a lot of money.

Facts about Brazil Football 6: the governing body

The Brazilian Football Confederation is the governing body of football in Brazil. Get facts about Brazil history here.

Brazil Football Team Pic

Brazil Football Team Pic

Facts about Brazil Football 7: the host for World Cup

In 2014, Brazil was the host for World Cup competition. In the semi final, Germany defeated Brazil with the score 7-1.

Facts about Brazil Football 8: who introduced football to Brazil?

Thomas Donohue was a Scottish expatriate who introduced football to Brazil. In April 1894, the first football match was conducted in Brazil. The location of the football match was next to the workplace of Donohue in Bangu. Now the Brazilians love to play and watch football.  There is no need to wonder that at least 10,000 Brazilians are football players in many parts of the world. The country itself is often nicknamed as “o País do Futebol” or country of football.

Brazil Football Facts

Brazil Football Facts

Facts about Brazil Football 9: the world cup and the Brazilians

Many Brazilians decide to skip their work just to watch the national football team of Brazil to play on the field during the World Cup.

Facts about Brazil Football 10: the characteristics of Brazilian football style

The Brazilian football style is depicted in free flowing, faced paced and creative style.

Brazil Football Team

Brazil Football Team

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