10 Facts about Brazil History

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Get the valuable Facts about Brazil History in the below explanation.  If you want to know the origin of Brazil, you have to start it from the indigenous people in the country. In 16th century, the European people arrived in Brazil. On 22 April 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral colonized Brazil under the sponsorship of Portugal. He was considered as the first European to do it. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Brazil history below:

Facts about Brazil History 1: the colony of Portugal

Brazil became the colony of Portugal in 16th century until the beginning of 19th century.

Facts about Brazil History 2: the expansion of the country

The expansion of Brazil occurred to the west along the Amazon and the inland rivers and to the south along the coast.

Brazil Football Facts

Brazil Football Facts

Facts about Brazil History 3: the border of Brazil

The border of Brazil was established in the beginning of 19th century. Get Brazil facts here.

Facts about Brazil History 4: the independence

The declaration of the independence of Brazil took place on September 1822.  It established its own country from Portugal. The republican government was formed in 1889. In 1930 till 1934 and in 1937 till 1945, Brazil was under dictatorship. In 1964 till 1985, it was under the military rule.

Brazil History Picture

Brazil History Picture

Facts about Brazil History 5: the tribe

Brazil was the home of various kinds of Jiquabu tribes when the Portuguese explorers came to Brazil dated back 10,000 years ago.

Facts about Brazil History 6: the major export

After the arrival of the European people, the area was famous because of its major tree exported to other countries. The colonists and traders call the tree as pau-Brasil or brazilwood.  It was taken from the Latin language which means wood red.  That’s why this country is called Brazil. Find out facts about Brazil Rainforest here.

Brazil History Pic

Brazil History Pic

Facts about Brazil History 7: the interest of Portugal

Brazil only receives a little interest from Portugal because Portugal focused more on the commerce with East Indies, China and India to get the high profit.

Facts about Brazil History 8: the Brazilian gold rush

In 18th century, gold was discovered in Brazil. Portugal and local people of Brazil were enthusiastic about it. Therefore, the people began to move to the area called Minas Gerais or General Mines to get gold. In 18th century, it was the main economic activity in Brazil.

Brazil History

Brazil History

Facts about Brazil History 9: the indigenous monarchy

In the past, Brazil has its own indigenous monarchy.   There are three modern states in America with indigenous monarchy. Those are Haiti, Mexico and Brazil.

Facts about Brazil History 10: the coffee plantation

In 1720, coffee was introduced in Brazil. Brazil generated 50 percent of the coffee for the world by 1850.

Brazil History Facts

Brazil History Facts

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