10 Facts about Brazil Rainforest

Sunday, August 23rd 2015. | Environment

Facts about Brazil Rainforest tell you about the valuable asset of the country. One third of all animals in the world live in Brazil rainforest. The amazing rainforest in Brazil is very dense.   The experts have identified around 1,700 bird species, 56,000 plant species, 651 reptile species, 578 mammal species and 695 amphibian species. Get more interesting facts about Brazil rainforest by reading the following post below:

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 1: the total area of Brazil rainforest

Amazon rainforest is located in several nations like Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Suriname. But the majority of the forest is located in Brazil. The country has 60 percent of the total area of the forest.

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 2: the first settlement in Amazon rainforest

The settlement of human being in Brazil rainforest was dated back around 11,200 years ago.   It was based on the excavation located in Caverna da Pedra Pintada. Find out Amazon Rainforest facts here.

Facts about Brazil Rainforest

Facts about Brazil Rainforest

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 3: the species

If you compare the Brazil rainforest with other rainforests in Asia and Africa, it has richer species. It has the largest collection of animals and plants. Find out African Wildlife facts here.

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 4: the green leaves

The Brazil rainforest is the home of the dense green leaf trees and plants.  When the rainforest gets maximum sunlight, the leaves of the trees and plants will expand.

Brazil Rainforest Beauty

Brazil Rainforest Beauty

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 5: the predatory creatures

Some of the predatory creatures that you can find in Brazil rainforest include cougar, jaguar, black caiman, and anaconda.

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 6: the famous creatures

Piranha is one of the famous creatures that you can find in the Amazon River.  This fish is very dangerous for it can injure and bite human.

Brazil Rainforest Facts

Brazil Rainforest Facts

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 7: the electric eels

Another unique creature in the river of Amazon is the electric eels. Have you seen the eels before? It can kill and stun other creatures. It can generate the electric shock.

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 8: other harmful species

You can also find poison dart frogs and vampire bats.   The latter ones can spread the rabies virus, while the former ones can produce toxin.

Brazil Rainforest

Brazil Rainforest

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 9: deforestation

The deforestation is still the main issue to discuss. In 1991 till 2000, the areas of the forest were decreased for people change them into pasturing areas.

Facts about Brazil Rainforest 10: the severe drought

The severe drought occurred in the Amazon rainforest in 2010. Compared to the drought occurred in 2005, it was more extreme. The region affected by the drought was around 3,000,000 km square.

Brazil Rainforest Plants

Brazil Rainforest Plants

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