10 Facts about Brazil’s Economy

Monday, August 24th 2015. | Economy

Facts about Brazil’s Economy present the information about the economy of Brazil. In 2015, Brazil takes the record as the 8th largest economy based on the nominal of GDP. Based on the purchasing power parity, Brazil takes the seventh place. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Brazil’s economy below:

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 1: the characteristics of Brazil’s economy

The economy of Brazil has the inward oriented economy and moderate fee markets. In the western hemisphere, Brazil has the second largest economy. In Latin America, it takes the largest one.

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 2: the fastest growing country

Brazil was one of the fastest growing economies in the world in 2000 till 2012. The growth rate for the GDP at that time was five percent. Therefore, it takes the sixth country with largest economy in 2012.

Brazil's Economy Picture

Brazil’s Economy Picture

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 3: the important steps to boost the economy of Brazil

The officials had done anything to boost the economy in Brazil.  Since 1990s, there have been several important steps conducted by the government to open and liberalize the economy. Therefore, the private sector in Brazil can be developed. Get facts about branding here.

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 4: the billionaires in Brazil

Brazil is ranked as the fifth largest number of billionaires in the world based on Forbes in 2012.

Brazil's Economy

Brazil’s Economy

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 5: the economic organizations

The country is a member of various economic organizations such as Cairns Group, WTO, Mercosur, G8+5, Unasul and G20.

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 6: the main sector in Brazil

The primary sector in Brazil is the service sector.  It contributes to 67.0 percent for the GDP.  The industrial sector is also important for it contributes 27.5 percent for the GDP.  The agricultural sector occupies 5.5 percent from the total GDP of Brazil in 2011. Find out facts about agriculture here.

Brazil's Economy Pic

Brazil’s Economy Pic

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 7: the labor force

Now let’s find out the labor force in Brazil. 71 percent of all people who engages in the labor force work in the service section. 10 percent of people are in the industry section, while 10 percent of them are in the agricultural sector. The total labor force in Brazil is 100.77 million people.

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 8: The Land Reform Program

One of the important programs which can generate 2 million jobs for the Brazilian people was The Land Reform Program.

Brazil's Economy Facts

Brazil’s Economy Facts

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 9: the packaging sector

The economy of Brazil is also boosted by the packaging sector. This country also generates the short fiber timber cellulose.

Facts about Brazil’s Economy 10: the industries

The industries in Brazil are related to aircraft, steel, automobile, consumer durables, and petrochemicals.

Facts about Brazil's Economy

Facts about Brazil’s Economy

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