10 Facts about Bread

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Facts about Bread tell you about the staple food made of water and dough of flour. The process of making bread is various, but it is very common for the people to create bread by baking. Bread is considered as one of the popular foods in the world. It has been made since the old time. The traditional recipe of making bread is still applied by many people in the world even though they also create variations. Let’s find out more interesting facts about bread below:

Facts about Bread 1: the various breads in the world

Bread is not plain. Due to the different modes of preparation and ingredients, you can find breads in various textures, sizes, shapes and types based on the regions.

Facts about Bread 2: the leavening mode

In the sourdough recipes, the leavening process of the bread is conducted by using naturally occurring microbes. It can be conducted with special baking or preparation.

Bread Facts

Bread Facts

Facts about Bread 3: the unleavened bread

There are several types of bread unleavened for some reasons such as for the religious, traditional or preference. Find out facts about biscuits here.

Facts about Bread 4: the non cereal ingredients

To make the bread more preferable, the people include the non cereal ingredients such as nuts, fruits and veggies on the bread.

Facts about Bread

Facts about Bread

Facts about Bread 5: the commercial bread

The commercial bread is very different from the homemade bread. Most of them are made with additives to increase the color, texture, flavor, and shelf life. Find out facts about blue cheese here.

Facts about Bread 6: the way to eat bread

The way the bread is eaten is based on the convenience and local custom. Some people eat the bread with fried items on the top. Others eat it as a desert when it is made in bread pudding. It can be eaten as snacks too.



Facts about Bread 7: the staple food

Bread is considered as a staple food for various countries in European derived culture, Europe, North Africa and Middle East. The people who live in East Asia choose rice as their staple food.

Facts about Bread 8: the ingredients of bread

There are several ingredients of bread. It can be made of flour made of oats, maize, corns, barley, wheat or rye.

Bread Types

Bread Types

Facts about Bread 9: the staple food in ancient Egypt

The people in ancient Egypt liked to eat emmer bread as their staple food.

Facts about Bread 10: other types of bread

The people in Middle East, South Eastern Europe and Levant like to eat Pita. It is considered as a semi leavened bread. In Germany, spelt bread is very popular.

Bread Food

Bread Food

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