10 Facts about Bread Mold

Wednesday, August 26th 2015. | Science

Facts about Bread Mold inform you with the certain species of mold which grow on the bread when you leave the bread inside the moist, dark and warm environment. Not all molds are bad. Some species of mold can kill the bacterial infection. The colors of the common bread molds are in blue green or black tone.  Let’s find out other interesting facts about bread mold below:

Facts about Bread Mold 1: the causes

The bread is affected by the mold when the spread of mold floats around the air and lands on the bread.  The mold is activated when the environment has the warm temperature and high moisture.

Facts about Bread Mold 2: the type of bread mold

The mold which affects the bread usually is the dry mold even though there is a slimy mold. The dry mold has the cotton texture.

Facts about Bread Mold

Facts about Bread Mold

Facts about Bread Mold 3: the color of bread mold

Let’s find out the color of bread mold. The color of mold depends on the species of mold.  Blush graying green mold with a white border is seen on the penicillium species. The black and fussy mold can be seen in Rhizopus stolonifer species.

Facts about Bread Mold 4: the beneficial bread mold

As I have stated before, bread mold is not always negative for human being. The beneficial one is the penicillium species on bread mold.  The scientists can make pencillin from this bread mold to kill the bacterial infection. Get facts about bacterial cells here.

Bread Mold Pic

Bread Mold Pic

Facts about Bread Mold 5: the asexual reproduction

The bread mold has the asexual reproduction.  They will release the spores in the air to reproduce.  The spores will be germinated into fuzz when they land on the right material located in perfect environment. When the fuzz matures, it will produce and release its own spores.

Facts about Bread Mold 6: the black bread mold

The black bread mold has the scientific name Rhizopus stolonifer. You can find this mold on the bread surface. The damages on the bread will be seen when it is affected by the black bread mold. It will absorb the nutrients and take food from the bread. Find out facts about bread here.

Bread Mold Image

Bread Mold Image

Facts about Bread Mold 7: the growth of black bread mold

The black bread mold is easier to grow if the room temperature is around 15 degree to 30 degree C.

Facts about Bread Mold 8: the damages caused by black bread mold

The black bread mold is dangerous for it can create infection on human beings.

Bread Mold Facts

Bread Mold Facts

Facts about Bread Mold 9: the sweet potatoes

Besides damaging the bread, the black bread mold can damage the sweet potatoes by causing the soft rot.

Facts about Bread Mold 10: the formation of asexual spores

The pinhead like sporangia is the place where the asexual spores of black bread mold forms.

Bread Mold

Bread Mold

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