10 Facts about Breakdancing

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Find out the style of street dance by reading facts about breakdancing. In the past, this breakdance is called as breaking or B-boying.  The African American and Puerto Rican youth spread the popularity of breakdances. In 1970s, the former members of Young Spades, Black Spades and Baby Spades made it popular. Here are other facts about breakdancing for you:

Facts about Breakdancing 1: the development of breakdancing

In the end of 1970s and beginning of 1980, the Puerto Rican youth developed the breakdancing in New York City.

Facts about Breakdancing 2: the popularity of Breakdancing

The media contribute a lot to spread the popularity of breakdancing. It spreads easily to Japan, United Kingdom, France, South Korea, Germany, Canada, and Russia.

Breakdancing Facts

Breakdancing Facts

Facts about Breakdancing 3: the typical movements

There are four typical movements applied in breakdancing. Those include freezes, power moves, downrock and toprock.

Facts about Breakdancing 4: the musical style

The musical style used in breakdancing includes the funk music, hip hop and breakbeats. Today, you can find different kinds of music used to accompany break dancing.

Facts about Breakdancing

Facts about Breakdancing

Facts about Breakdancing 5: the practitioner

The practitioner of Breakdancing is called a breaker, b-girl or b-boy.

Facts about Breakdancing 6: the breakdance term

The term breakdance is commonly used today. Actually the original name of this activity is breaking or b-boying. Get facts about African dance here.



Facts about Breakdancing 7: the influence of b-boying

The Rock Steady Crew such as Kenneth Gabbert and Richard Colon state that breakdancing is influenced by Kung Fu movies and James Brown. The style in breakdance is also linked with gymnastic when the beakdancing practitioners do the acrobatic movement like flare and headspins.

Facts about Breakdancing 8: the Breakdancing in United States

The breakdancing in United States developed in 1970s. It was started by a Bronx based DJ named DJ Kool Herc. The breakdancing enables the practitioners to be creative because they can improve the skill during the duration of the break. The breakdancing also encourages the practitioners to do a battle. The battle can be between two groups and two individuals. Both teams are judged based on the musicality, skill and creativity.

Breakdancing Style

Breakdancing Style

Facts about Breakdancing 9: Brazil

Breakdancing also spreads in Brazil. One of the first b-boys in Brazil is Ismael Toledo. He studied dance in United States in 1984. Get facts about Brazil culture here.

Facts about Breakdancing 10: South Korea and Breakdancing

Breakdancing also affects the people in South Korea. The American soldiers introduced breakdancing in the country after it was very popular in US in 1980s.

Breakdancing Picture

Breakdancing Picture

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