10 Facts about Breakfast

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Facts about Breakfast talk about the first meal that the people will have after they have a night sleep. The people have their breakfast in the early morning before the day’s work. The traditional breakfast food in English includes porridge, eggs and sausage. The food served during the breakfast time is various depending on the regions. Let’s find out more interesting facts about breakfast below:

Facts about Breakfast 1: the food served for breakfast

Most of the time, the breakfast food contains protein, carbohydrates and beverages.  The beverages can be milk, coffee, tea, or fruit juice. The protein food includes fish, meat or eggs. The carbohydrate can be gained from cereals, rice or grains. It also includes vegetables and fruits. Get facts about bread here.

Facts about Breakfast 2: the western breakfast foods

Some of the common breakfast foods include eggs, vegetables, fresh fruits, pancakes, breakfast cereals, bacon, French toast, sausages, waffles, coffee, tea, juice, milk, muffins, breads, and baked beans. People also like to enjoy their toast with marmalade, jam, margarine and butter.

Facts about Breakfast

Facts about Breakfast

Facts about Breakfast 3: the most important meal of the day

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. It is not recommended for the people to skip breakfast.  There are several reports which find out that the people who skip breakfast have the problem with cardiac health, weight, metabolism and concentration.

Facts about Breakfast 4: the increased weight

The people will have increased weight when they skip breakfast all of the time. During the lunch time, these people tend to eat more foods. Check BMI facts here.

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Facts about Breakfast 5: Burma

The people in Burma have several foods served in the breakfast time. They include is damin, kao hnyin, htamin jaw and many more. The former one is the sticky rice. It is cooked with peanut oil, onions and turmeric.

Facts about Breakfast 6: the breakfast in China

The breakfast in China is various. It depends on the region of the country. The basic breakfast foods that people served in China include buns or mantou, doughnuts or youtiao, soup, pancakes, soup based noodles, and porridge. The soy bean milk is considered as the main beverage.

Breakfast Food

Breakfast Food

Facts about Breakfast 7: the Japanese breakfast

If you are in Japan, there are two types of breakfast served for the people. You can choose the western styled breakfast or Japanese styled breakfast.

Facts about Breakfast 8: the Japanese styled breakfast

During the non working days or weekends, the people prefer to eat the Japanese styled breakfast.

Breakfast Facts

Breakfast Facts

Facts about Breakfast 9: the western styled breakfast for the Japanese people

The Japanese people prefer to have the western styled breakfast during the working days for it is not time consuming to prepare and eat.

Facts about Breakfast 10: Korean breakfast

Rice and soup dishes are considered as the main food for the Korean breakfast.



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