10 Facts about Brecht Drama

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Facts about Brecht Drama talk about the drama created by Brecht. If you want to define the style of his drama, it is not based on an individual style of Brecht. The style of his drama is based on the collective subject of the Brechtian.  His point of view was also influenced by his previous dramatists and his fellow dramatists. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Brecht drama below:

Facts about Brecht Drama 1: the epic theater

The works of Brecht on stage are always linked with epic theater. If you think that the word is originated from Brecht, you are wrong. This word has been found in the past by other writers and dramatists.

Facts about Brecht Drama 2: Erwin Piscator

Erwin Piscator was a famous director who had experimented with the Epic Theater. In 1926, Brecht used the word Epic Theater for the first time.

Facts about Brecht Drama

Facts about Brecht Drama

Facts about Brecht Drama 3: the epic theater of other playwrights

Besides Brecht, there were many other playwrights who had used epic theater such as Miller, Claudel, Stravinisky, Miller, Wilder, and Pirandello. Get facts about Brechtian theater here.

Facts about Brecht Drama 4: the plays and theatrical works of Brecht

Some works of Brecht include A Respectable Wedding, Drums in the Night, Baal, The Life of Edward II of England, The Elephant Calf, Downfall of the Egotist Johann Fatzer, The Visions of Simone Machard, The Mother, The Seven Deadly Sins, The Horatians and the Curiatians, Life of Galileo, Saint Joan of the Stockyards, Hangmen Also Die!, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Trumpets and Drums, Report from Herrnburg, The Days of the Commune and many more.

Brecht Drama

Brecht Drama

Facts about Brecht Drama 5: Baal

The first full length place created by Brecht was Baal.  In 1918, this playwright wrote Baal when he was only 20 years old at that time. He was a student at Munich University.

Facts about Brecht Drama 6: the story of Baal

Can you tell me the story of Baal? It talks about a wastrel youth who had at least one murder and had several sexual affairs.

Brecht Drama Style

Brecht Drama Style

Facts about Brecht Drama 7: The Tutor

If you want to know the work of Brecht adapted from the 18th century play made by Lenz, you have to check out The Tutor. Brecht adapted it in 1950.

Facts about Brecht Drama 8: the original version of The Tutor

The Original version of The Tutor was produced by Lenz in 1774. The title was “The Advantages of a Private Education”.

Brecht Drama Picture

Brecht Drama Picture

Facts about Brecht Drama 9: Trumpets and Drums

Trumpets and Drums was adapted by Brecht from Farquhar’s comedy. The original title was The Recruiting Officer.

Facts about Brecht Drama 10: Mother Courage and Her Children

In 1939, Bertolt Brecht wrote Mother Courage and Her Children. It is considered as one of the greatest plays. Find facts about Bertolt Brecht here.

Brecht Drama Facts

Brecht Drama Facts

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