10 Facts about Brechtian Theatre

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Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Brechtian Theatre in the below post. Bertolt Brecht proposed the ideas of Brechtian Theatre. He believed that a good play should never make the audiences to identify the action or character.  Brecht wanted the play or drama to arouse the critical view and self reflection on the audience when they see the drama on stage. Here are some interesting facts about Brechtian Theatre:

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 1: the critical perspective

Brechtian Theatre wanted the spectators more critical when they enjoyed the drama. Therefore, they will know the exploitation or social in justice in the outside world.

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 2: the representation of reality

Brecht wanted to show the audiences that a play or drama that he made was the presentation of a reality. But it does not mean that drama or play is a reality itself.

Brechtian Theatre Facts

Brechtian Theatre Facts

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 3: the way to communicate with audiences

Brecht used his theoretical event as a way to communicate with his audiences. He could communicate the reality of the audiences through his drama conducted based on their reality.

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 4: the Brechtian Theatre

In the beginning and mid 20th century, the Brechtian Theatre arose. It was influenced by the point of view of Bertolt Brecht. Check facts about Bertolt Brecht here.

Brechtian Theatre

Brechtian Theatre

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 5: the popularity

Brecht made Brechtian theatre popular among people for he was able to develop the style. One of the important terms in the Brechtian theater is gestus. It is a utilized mode of acting.

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 6: the function of Brechtian Theatre

The function of Brechtian Theatre is to make sure that the spectators are fully aware with the artificial production of drama or theatre that they watch.

Brechtian Theatre Style

Brechtian Theatre Style

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 7: the popular form of theater

Brechtian Theatre is implemented as the strong reaction against the popular form of theatre at that time.

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 8: the criticism of Brecht against the popular form of theater

Brecht was not n favor with the popular form of theatre at that time.  He did not like with the manipulative plots, shallow spectacle and emotional melodrama.

Facts about Brechtian Theatre

Facts about Brechtian Theatre

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 9: the alienation effect

The alienation effect or Verfremdungseffekt is the technique employed by Brecht in his works. Get facts about Bob Fosse here.

Facts about Brechtian Theatre 10: the purpose of Verfremdungseffekt

Brecht used Verfremdungseffekt to make sure that the spectators will be detached from the drama.  Therefore, they will never feel exaggeratedly sympathetic with the characters and absorb with the depiction of the play.

Brechtian Theatre Picture

Brechtian Theatre Picture

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