10 Facts about Bremen

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Facts about Bremen tell you about the city municipality of Bremen. The location of Bremen is in northwestern Germany. Based on its population, Bremen takes the tenth most populous city in Germany and the third most populous city in northern Germany. It is considered as a part of Olderburn Metropolitan region inhabited by 2.4 million people. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bremen by reading the below post:

Facts about Bremen 1: the employment

There are around 1,300 people working in Bremen. It is due to the Airbus site located in the city. But it is not considered as the largest site. It takes the second largest site of Airbus in Germany. The city is responsible for manufacturing the high lift system in the Airbus wings.

Facts about Bremen 2: other manufacturing companies

Besides Airbus, you can find other manufacturing companies in Bremen. The manufacturing for the GLK, SLK, C, SL, and CLK series from Mercedes-Benz is located in the factory in Bremen. The base of OHB system is located in here. EADS Astrium has a plant in Bremen.

Bremen City Hall

Bremen City Hall

Facts about Bremen 3: the brewery

Bremen was the home for the brewery of Beck’s and St Pauli Girl beers.  Today, the number of the importers of wine in the country is declining.

Facts about Bremen 4: the quality of wine

The quality of wine from Bremen was amazing. It was produced for the first time around 800 years ago.

Facts about Bremen

Facts about Bremen

Facts about Bremen 5: the largest wine cellar

Do you know that the largest wine cellar in the world is located in Bremen? The location of the wine cellar is beneath the main square of Bremen.

Facts about Bremen 6: the trading companies and food production companies

Bremen is a home to different kinds of food production companies and trading companies. They include Atlanta AG, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Vitakraft, Kraft Foods, feodora chocolatier, Milka Chocolate and many more. Get facts about Brasilia here.

Bremen Facts

Bremen Facts

Facts about Bremen 7: the important and festive events

You can visit Bremen and enjoy different kinds of events. You can enjoy a bicycle race at Bremen area during “Bremer 6 Tage Rennen”. The Vision Parade is considered as the annual Techno parades in Bremen.

Facts about Bremen 8: Freimarkt

Freimarkt is free market hosted in the city since 1036. This event is held in the last two weeks in October.

Bremen City

Bremen City

Facts about Bremen 9: SV Werder Bremen

SV Werder Bremen is based in Bremen. In 2004, the football team earned the fifth German football cup.

Facts about Bremen 10: the notable people from Bremen

Some notable people from Bremen include the physiotherapist Heinrich Averbeck, the actor Ben Becker, composer Harald Genzmer and aviation pioneer Henrich Focke. Find out facts about Bismarck here.

Bremen Germany

Bremen Germany

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