10 Facts about Bretagne

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Facts about Bretagne talk about the cultural region in the northwest of France. In English, people call this region Brittany. The area of Bretagne spans on the western area of Armorica. Talking about its history, Bretagne was an independent kingdom before it served as a duchy. It 1532, it is included in the Kingdom of France. Here are other interesting facts about Bretagne for you:

Facts about Bretagne 1: the total land area of Bretagne

Bretagne has the total land area at 13,136 square miles or 34,023 km square.

Facts about Bretagne 2: the population of the people

People who inhabited Bretagne were 4,475,295 people based on census 2010. The people who lived in Loire-Atlantique department were 29 percent, while the rest of 71 percent lived in Bretagne region.

Facts about Bretagne

Facts about Bretagne

Facts about Bretagne 3: the largest metropolitan areas

Nantes was considered as the largest metropolitan area in Bretagne in 2012. It was inhabited by 879,713 people. Brest was the home of 314,844 people, while Rennes was occupied by 690,467 people.

Facts about Bretagne 4: the traditional homeland

The traditional homeland of Breton people is Bretagne. It is also considered as one of the 6 Celtic nations by the Celtic league.

Bretagne France

Bretagne France

Facts about Bretagne 5: the industrialized area

Bretagne is considered as industrialized areas except for Saint-Nazaire, Nantes and Lorient. Find out facts about Bloxham here.

Facts about Bretagne 6: the important activities in Bretagne

Some of the important activities for the people in Bretagne include agriculture and fishing.  If you are here, you can check out around 40,000 agriculture areas.  The people focus more to produce the vegetables, cereals, poultry breeding, pigs and cattle.

Bretagne Facts

Bretagne Facts

Facts about Bretagne 7: the vegetables

Bretagne takes the record as the first producer of vegetables in France. The production includes potatoes, artichokes, onions, tomatoes, and green beans.

Facts about Bretagne 8: the wine

The wine production is also found in Bretagne especially in south of Nantes. Muscadet is the main wine produced here.

Bretagne Beauty

Bretagne Beauty

Facts about Bretagne 9: fishing

Another important economical activity is fishing.  It is considered as the first are for fishing in France. There are around 9,000 people employed in the fishing industry in Bretagne. The fish and seafood processing in Bretagne is handled by at least 60 firms. Get facts about Armagh here.

Facts about Bretagne 10: shipbuilding

Shipbuilding is also significant in Bretagne. The plant is located in Brest, Lorient, and Saint-Nazaire.  The shipbuilding is not only for commercial purpose. It is also implanted for the military purpose. The large factory of Peugeot is located in Rennes. Nantes and Saint-Nazaire are the home for Airbus plants.

Facts about Brecon Beacons

Facts about Brecon Beacons

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