10 Facts about Brett Favre

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Facts about Brett Favre talk about the former American football quarterback. In the NFL history, Favre spent most of his entire career with Green Bay Packers. He was born on 10 October 1969. Talking about his career, in 1991, he was in Atlanta Falcons. In 1992 till 2007, he moved to Green Bay Packers. In 2008, he was in New York Jets. In 2009 till 2010, he was in Minnesota Viking. He had his career for 20 years in NFL. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Brett Favre by reading the below post:

Facts about Brett Favre 1: the record

Favre was a wonderful quarterback. He set the record in the history of NFL by throwing more than 70,000 yards during his career as a quarterback. He also has more than 10,000 pass attempts and 6,000 completions.

Facts about Brett Favre 2: the early career

Before Favre was included in the NFL draft, he had his career at University of Southern Mississippi for the quarterback position for 4 years.

Brett Favre Facts

Brett Favre Facts

Facts about Brett Favre 3: the NFL draft

In 1991, he was included in the NFL draft by Atlanta in the second round.

Facts about Brett Favre 4: moving to Green Bay

On 10 February 1992, Favre was sent to Green Bay. Based on the 1992 NFL Drafts, he was in the 19th pick.

Facts about Brett Favre

Facts about Brett Favre

Facts about Brett Favre 5: the 1992 season

During the fourth game of 1992 seasons, Favre started his role as a quarterback. He was the replacement for Don Majkowski. Majkowski was injured. Check Blake Griffin facts here.

Facts about Brett Favre 6: New York Jets

In 2008 season, he played as the quarterback for New York Jets. On 18 August 2009, he moved to the Vikings.

Brett Favre Pic

Brett Favre Pic

Facts about Brett Favre 7: the appearance of Favre

If you check the appearance of Favre in the history of NFL, he had 297 consecutive starts.

Facts about Brett Favre 8: the AP Most Valuable Player

In 1995 until 1997, Favre won the title as the AP Most Valuable Player for three times in a row.

Brett Favre

Brett Favre

Facts about Brett Favre 9: the fabulous records

Favre was the winner of many NFL records. He was called as the player with the most career pass completions, most career passing yards, most consecutive starts by a player, most fumbles, most sacked, most career interceptions thrown and many more. Get facts about Bode Miller here.

Facts about Brett Favre 10: the nickname

If you consider yourself as a fan of Favre, can you tell me his nickname? People often call him The Gunslinger.



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