10 Facts about Brian Boru

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Facts about Brian Boru present the information about the Irish king. He was born circa 941 and passed away on 23 April 1014. Boru was famous as the king who stopped the domination of Uí Néill, the High Kingship of Ireland. Let’s find out the journey of Brian Boru by reading the following post below:

Facts about Brian Boru 1: King of Munster

Before he became King of Ireland, Boru was King of Munster. Then this king dominated Leinster. Boru was considered as the person who established O’Brien dynasty.

Facts about Brian Boru 2: the population of Ireland

Even though Ireland was not big, it had around 150 kings with the population of people less than 500,000 individuals. The kings ruled the lesser or even greater areas of Ireland.

Brian Boru Facts

Brian Boru Facts

Facts about Brian Boru 3: Uí Néill king

The northern kinsmen of Cenél nEógain and Cenél Conaill were neglected by Uí Néill king. In 1002, Brian was called as the High King at Athlone.

Facts about Brian Boru 4: the campaign

Uí Néill rejected the claim of Brian for his northern area. Brian also campaigned on the Norse-Gaelic Kingdom of Dublin.

Brian Boru Image

Brian Boru Image

Facts about Brian Boru 5: the challenge

In 1013, the Cenél nEógain king Flaithbertach Ua Néill challenged the authority of Brian when his ally Máel Sechnaill was attacked. Another attack was from Máel Mórda mac Murchada and King Sihtric Silkbeard.

Facts about Brian Boru 6: Battle of Clontarf

Battle of Clontarf was a bloody war when the armies of Brian fought against the armies of Leinster and Dublin at Clontarf.  Máel Mórda and Brian’s son Murchad died in the war. Find out facts about Boudicca here.

Brian Boru Pic

Brian Boru Pic

Facts about Brian Boru 7: the father and elder brother of Boru

The elder brother of Brian was Mathgamain, while his father Cennétig mac Lorcain. Brian was able to become a great king based on the achievements of his elder brother and father.

Facts about Brian Boru 8: the age of Boru in the Battle of Clontarf

Many people believed that Boru was 88 years old when he took part in the bloody Battle of Clontarf. If the report is true, it means that Boru was likely to be born in 926 or 927. Others believe that he was born in 942 or 923.

Brian Boru

Brian Boru

Facts about Brian Boru 9: the sons of Cennétig mac Lorcáin

Cennétig mac Lorcáin is the father of Brian. The report stated that his father had 12 sons including Brian. Get facts about Bonnie Prince Charlie here.

Facts about Brian Boru 10: the place of birth of Brian Boru

Can you tell me the place of birth of Brian Boru? He was born at Kincora, Killaloe. This town is located in Tuadmumu region.

Facts about Brian Boru

Facts about Brian Boru

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