10 Facts about Brian Eno

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Facts about Brian Eno talk about the English composer, musician, singer, visual artist and record producer. He was born on 15 May 1948. His professional name is Eno or Brian Eno. His full name is Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno. Eno is notable as one of the leaders of ambient music. Here are some interesting facts about Brian Eno to note:

Facts about Brian Eno 1: the early education

Let’s find out the early education of Eno. He went to Roy Ascott on his Groundcourse at Ipswich Civic College to study there. Then he went to Essex, England to attend Colchester Institute art school.

Facts about Brian Eno 2: the music

Eno also developed his interest on music.  He took part on the teaching session on the music school located near his school to play and create music.

Brian Eno Pic

Brian Eno Pic

Facts about Brian Eno 3: Roxy Music

In the beginning of 1970s, Eno became a synthesizer player in the band called Roxy Music. The rock band rose to prominence. However, Eno had a dispute with Bryan Ferry the lead singer in the Roxy Music band and he was tired with the extensive tour of the band. Look at facts about Bono here.

Facts about Brian Eno 4: the solo music

Eno decided to have a solo release where he was able to explore with the ambient music. He experimented and innovated with generative and ambient techniques to produce music.

Facts about Brian Eno

Facts about Brian Eno

Facts about Brian Eno 5: the collaboration

Eno had collaborated with influential and notable producers and musicians. He collaborated with David Bowie on the seminal “Berlin Trilogy” and Robert Fripp on the LPs No Pussyfooting in the late 1970s.

Facts about Brian Eno 6: other musicians

There are many other musicians who have worked with Eno. Those include Paul Simon, U2, Slowdive, Grace Jones, Laurie Anderson, James, James Blake, and Coldplay.

Brian Eno Image

Brian Eno Image

Facts about Brian Eno 7: the early life

Let’s find out the early life of Brian Eno. He was born at Phyllis Memorial Hospital, Suffolk in 1948. His mother is Maria Eno. His father is William Eno who worked in Postal service.

Facts about Brian Eno 8: the albums

There are four albums that he released in 1973 until 1977 for his solo career. He used the combination of pop and rock songs. The albums included Before and After Science, Another Green World, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), and Here Come the Warm Jets.

Brian Eno Facts

Brian Eno Facts

Facts about Brian Eno 9: the best know songs

One of the best knows songs of Eno are “Third Uncle”. It is included in Tiger Mountain album. Check Brad Paisley facts here.

Facts about Brian Eno 10: Eno in 2010

In 2010, Eno had another solo album. It was entitled Small Craft on a Milk Sea.

Brian Eno

Brian Eno

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