10 Facts about Brian Froud

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Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Brian Froud in the below information. He was famous as the English fantasy illustrator. This man was born in 1947. Dartmoor becomes the main inspiration of Froud when he created the landscape in his artwork. If you want to know about his works, career and personal life, check the detail information below:

Facts about Brian Froud 1: the personal life

If we talk about the personal life of Froud, he is a married man. His wife is also a fantasy artist. She is Wendy Froud. Both live and work in Devon.

Facts about Brian Froud 2: The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth

Froud took part in the production of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth as the costume designer and conceptual designer.

Facts about Brian Froud

Facts about Brian Froud

Facts about Brian Froud 3: Terry Jones

Terry Jones was the screenwriter in Labyrinth. He and Froud collaborated to create Labyrinth and other books about goblins and fairies.

Facts about Brian Froud 4: Ari Berk

Ari Berk is an American author who has worked with Froud to create “The Runes of Elfland”.  Good Faeries/Bad Faeries is produced too.

Brian Froud Work

Brian Froud Work

Facts about Brian Froud 5: Faeries

Faeries is produced based on the collaboration of Alan Lee with Froud. It is considered one of the notable art books based on the animated feature in 1981. Get facts about Bob Fosse here.

Facts about Brian Froud 6: the son of Froud

The name of the Froud’s son who depicted the infant in Labyrinth is Toby. Today, Toby is a creature fabricator and puppeteer.

Brian Froud Painting

Brian Froud Painting

Facts about Brian Froud 7: the fairyland series

If you are interested to check the fairyland series of Froud, you look at The Wild Wood (1994) by Charles de Lint, Something Rich and Strange by Patricia McKillip (1994), Hannah’s Garden (2002) by Midori Snyder and The Wood Wife (1996) by Terri Windling.

Facts about Brian Froud 8: the conceptual works

Froud also make several conceptual works in Labyrinth (1986), Mythic Journeys, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1988), Faeries (television and VHS) (1981), The Storyteller (1988), Peter Pan (2003), The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus (2000) and The Dark Crystal (1982).

Brian Froud Facts

Brian Froud Facts

Facts about Brian Froud 9: the illustration works

Some of the illustration works that Froud made in 1971 till 1986 included Goblins of the Labyrinth (1986), The Wind Between the Stars (1976), The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate (1972), The World of the Dark Crystal (1982), Romeo And Juliet (1971), Faeries (1979) — With Alan Lee, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1972) and many more.

Facts about Brian Froud 10: other illustration works

Other illustration works created by Froud in 1990 till 2014 include The Faeries’ Oracle (2000), Heart of Faerie Oracle (2010), The Dreaming Place (1990), Trolls (2012) – With Wendy Froud, Brian Froud’s World of Faerie (2007), and Faeries’ Tales (2014). Find out Bob Ross facts here.

Brian Froud Art

Brian Froud Art

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