10 Facts about Brian May

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Get the interesting Facts about Brian May if you want to know the notable singer, musician, astrophysicist and songwriter from England.  He was born Brian Harold May on 19 July 1947. This man rose to prominence as the lead guitarist in Queen, the famous rock band in the world. Let’s find out more detail facts about May below:

Facts about Brian May 1: the compositions

The compositions that May created for his band included  “Who Wants to Live Forever”, “We Will Rock You”, “Fat Bottomed Girls”, “The Show Must Go On”, “Save Me”, “I Want It All”, and “Tie Your Mother Down”.

Facts about Brian May 2: Queen

Queen was co-founded by the lead singer Freddie Mercury, lead guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. Before they established Queen, Taylor and May were members of band Smile. Both had the band when May was in the university.

Brian May Facts

Brian May Facts

Facts about Brian May 3: the famous rock band in Britain

Queen is one of the famous rock bands not only in Britain, but also in the world. The band was formed in 1970. The biggest rock hit from Queen is “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the album A Night at the Opera.

Facts about Brian May 4: the constant presence

The presence of Queen was very constant in UK charts in 1970s until 1990s. In 1985, Queen had a wonderful performance called Live Aid.

Brian May Picture

Brian May Picture

Facts about Brian May 5: the guitar work of May

May is famous as the lead guitarist of Queen. Through his guitar work, he impressed the fans with his distinctive sound. People consider him as a virtuoso musician. Look at Brian Eno facts here.

Facts about Brian May 6: the hiatus of Queen

Queen was in hiatus after Mercury died in 1991. Taylor and May were back again with featured vocalist.

Brian May

Brian May

Facts about Brian May 7: one of the best guitarists in the world

May was voted as seventh greatest guitarist of all time based on Planet Rock poll conducted in 2005. In the list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, May took the 26th place in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Facts about Brian May 8: another poll

Another poll was conducted by a Guitar World Magazine which stated that May was the second greatest guitarist of all time in 2012.

Brian May Guitarist

Brian May Guitarist

Facts about Brian May 9: the honor

Due to his charity works and service to the music industry, May was honored with CBE or Commander of Most Excellent Order of British Empire in 2005. Get Bon Jovi facts here.

Facts about Brian May 10: the present life

In September 2012, May was selected as the vice president of RSPCA, an animal welfare charity.

Facts about Brian May

Facts about Brian May

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