10 Facts about Brian Patten

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Let’s find out the English poet by reading Facts about Brian Patten. He was born on 7 February 1946 near Liverpool docks. His former teacher, Harry Sutcliffe encouraged him to write essays when he studied at Sefton Park School in Liverpool.  When he was 15 years old, he left the school. Here are some interesting facts about Patten for you:

Facts about Brian Patten 1: the early job for Patten

After he left the school, he worked for The Bootle Time. Patten had the responsibility to write a column about popular music.

Facts about Brian Patten 2: the first articles

Patten created the first articles about the two pop oriented Liverpool poets, Roger McGough and Adrian Henri.

Brian Patten Facts

Brian Patten Facts

Facts about Brian Patten 3: The Mersey Sound

The Mersey Sound is the best selling poetry anthropology that Patten made along with Adrian Henri and Roger McGough.

Facts about Brian Patten 4: the variants of his works

In the later years, the works of Patten were varied. He got the inspiration from the memories during his childhood time as well as the death of his mother. Some of his collections include Armada and Storm Damage. Check Beryl Cook facts here.

Facts about Brian Patten

Facts about Brian Patten

Facts about Brian Patten 5: the formal book

If you are interested to know the formal book of Patten, you have to check Armada.  It is also considered as his mature work.

Facts about Brian Patten 6: the style of Patten

If you look at most of his books, Patten drew the lyrical style. He focused more on relationship and love as the main subjects in his books. He also tried to explore other subjects.

Brian Patten Pic

Brian Patten Pic

Facts about Brian Patten 7: the comic verse

Thawing Frozen Frogs and Gargling with Jelly are some of Patten’s works which contain the comic verse for kids.

Facts about Brian Patten 8: Love Poems

If you are falling in love and you want to enjoy the book about love, why don’t you look at Love Poems (1981) by Patten?  Many critics state that the works of Patten are beautiful. They are the reflection of contemporary style. The readers for Patten’s books are not only adults, but also children.

Brian Patten Young

Brian Patten Young

Facts about Brian Patten 9: reading

Patten was not only a good writer. He is also a wonderful reader. He had performed reading along with his fellow poets like Laurie Lee, Robert Lowell, Allen Ginsberg, Stevie Smith, and Pablo Neruda. Get facts about Bob Ross here.

Facts about Brian Patten 10: the poetry collection of Patten for Adult’s readers

Some of his poetry collections for adult readers include Grave Gossip, Little Johnny’s Confession, The new Collected Love Poems, and Notes to the Hurrying Man, Geography lesson and The Irrelevant Song.



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