10 Facts about Brian Piccolo

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Facts about Brian Piccolo inform you with the famous professional football player.  Piccolo was born on 31 October 1943 and passed away on 16 June 1970. For four years, he became the running back for Chicago Bears. He died young because of embryonal cell carcinoma at the age of 26 years old.  Here are other interesting facts about Piccolo for you:

Facts about Brian Piccolo 1: embryonal cell carcinoma

As I have stated before Piccolo passed away due to embryonal cell carcinoma.  It was diagnosed on Piccolo before it spread to the chest cavity.  This type of cancer cell is very aggressive and it is included as a testicular cancer.

Facts about Brian Piccolo 2: Brian’s Song

Brian’s Song was a TV movie in 1971. The subject of this movie is Brian Piccolo. The remake of this movie was made in 2001 with the similar title.  Piccolo was portrayed by Sean Maher in the remake, while original version of Piccolo was portrayed by James Caan.

Brian Piccolo Facts

Brian Piccolo Facts

Facts about Brian Piccolo 3: the early life

His parents were Joseph and Irene Piccolo. There were three sons in the family and Piccolo was the youngest one. When he was three years old, the family decided to relocate to Fort Lauderdale.

Facts about Brian Piccolo 4: athletes

Piccolo considered baseball as the main sport for him. But he was wonderful running back in his high school football team. He and his brothers were athletes. Check facts about Brian Lara here.

Facts about Brian Piccolo

Facts about Brian Piccolo

Facts about Brian Piccolo 5: the education

In 1961, Piccolo graduated from Central Catholic High School. Then he studied at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and played for the college football team.

Facts about Brian Piccolo 6: the senior season

In 1964, he has great score in his senior season. He also took the title as the ACC Player of the Year. Even though he had great achievement, he was not included in NFL Draft in 1965.

Brian Piccolo Pic

Brian Piccolo Pic

Facts about Brian Piccolo 7: personal life

On 26 December 1964, Piccolo married Joy Murrath, his high school sweetheart after he had a wonderful senior season. The couple was blessed with three daughters. They were Lori, Traci and Kristi. Get facts about Bobby Moore here.

Facts about Brian Piccolo 8: Chicago Bears

Piccolo decided to become a free agent for Chicago Bears after he was not selected in the AFL or NFL Draft in 1965. He was only a taxi squad who could practice, but he would not participate in the match.

Brian Piccolo Photo

Brian Piccolo Photo

Facts about Brian Piccolo 9: the biggest year for Piccolo

Piccolo had greatest year as a football player in 1968. He had 28 receptions and two touchdowns.

Facts about Brian Piccolo 10: death

Piccolo died at the age of 26 on 16 June 1970. His cancer had spread to his liver.

Brian Piccolo Picture

Brian Piccolo Picture

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