10 Facts about Bricks

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Facts about Bricks talk about the material mostly used in masonry construction. It can be made of lime, sand or clay bearing soil.  The brick is made in a single unit or a block.  The bricks can be made of concrete for stronger material. The process to create brick is by air dried or fire hardened process. Here are some interesting facts about bricks to note:

Facts about Bricks 1: the lightweight blocks

The lightweight block is also called as the lightweight brick. The people create this type of brick from the clay aggregate.

Facts about Bricks 2: the variants or brick

Brick is not plain and monotone. It is available in various materials, types, classes, designs, sizes, and colors. It may vary based on the regions.

Facts about Bricks

Facts about Bricks

Facts about Bricks 3: the common types of bricks

The fired and non fired bricks are the two common types of bricks in the stores. If you want the durable, strong and hard bricks, pick the fired bricks.

Facts about Bricks 4: the popularity of fired bricks

The fired bricks are more popular among people due to the wonderful strength and durability. It has been used by all people since 5000 BC.

Bricks Facts

Bricks Facts

Facts about Bricks 5: the air dried bricks

The non fired bricks are called the air dried bricks or mud bricks.  If you compare the air dried bricks, they are older than the fired bricks. When the people create the air dried bricks, they usually mix them with mechanical binder. Find out facts about Aztec temples here.

Facts about Bricks 6: bond

The word bond is used to call the patterns when the bricks are laid on the courses. To create a durable structure such as fences or houses, the bricks will be placed by using mortar.  This type of construction is called brickwork.

Brick Texture

Brick Texture

Facts about Bricks 7: the efficiency

The bricks are created in small and light shape so that the bricklayer can handle and lay the brick using one hand. Another hand will be used by the bricklayer to handle the trowel. Get facts about bridges here.

Facts about Bricks 8: how to lay the bricks

The bricklayers will lay the bricks in flat position.  If we talk about the size of bricks, the length is around 200 mm or 8 inches.



Facts about Bricks 9: the thickness of bricks

Let’s find out the thickness of bricks. The people who live in warm region will use the smaller bricks for they are more economical and adequate. The thicker bricks are useful for the structure in cold regions.

Facts about Bricks 10: the factors to notice

There are several factors to notice before you pick the bricks. You have to note on the thermal characteristics, density, weight, color, surface texture, moisture movement and pore structure.

Brick Colors

Brick Colors

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