10 Facts about Bridges

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The structure built by spanning on the road, valley or water is explained in Facts about Bridges. The main purpose for building a bridge is to give the people a passage when they want to cross over the area. The types, designs, styles and constructions are various. In the past, people used the traditional bridge made of wood. Today, most modern bridges are made of steel. Get more facts about bridges by reading the below post:

Facts about Bridges 1: the designs

The bridges can be designed in different shapes and styles. The factors which affect the design of bridge are the nature of the terrain, bridge’s function, budget and materials.

Facts about Bridges 2: the categories of bridges

The bridges can be categorized based on the material used in the construction and structural elements of the bridges. The people have to define whether the bridge will be moveable or fixed.

Bridge Facts

Bridge Facts

Facts about Bridges 3: the beam bridges

The beam bridges are still used today. In most cases, the substructure units will be supported by the horizontal beams.  In the past, people used the simple logs to establish the beam bridges.

Facts about Bridges 4: the beam bridges in modern day

The beam bridges in modern days have numerous designs, styles and materials. It can be made from steel boxes, concrete, or wooden beams.

Bridge SF

Bridge SF

Facts about Bridges 5: the longest beam bridge in the world

Can you mention the longest beam bridge in the world? It is located in southern Louisiana, US. People call it Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. The bridge spans on 38.35 km or 23.83 miles.

Facts about Bridges 6: the old bridge

One of the oldest types of bridges is the truss bridge. The truss is used as the structure of bridge.



Facts about Bridges 7: Cantilever bridges

The cantilever bridges use cantilevers. To give additional strength on the bridge, the two cantilevers on the bridge will be connected using a smaller beam. Quebec Bridge in Canada is considered as the largest cantilever bridge. Find out facts about bricks here.

Facts about Bridges 8: other types of bridges

Other types of bridges include the arch bridges, tied arch bridges, suspension bridges, and double decked bridge and many more.

Bridge Photo

Bridge Photo

Facts about Bridges 9: the largest arch bridge

Chaotianmen Bridge which spans over Yangtze River takes the record as the current largest arch bridge in the world. The length of bridge is 5,712 feet or 1,741 meter. The bridge is located in Chongqing, China. It was open for public on 29 April 2009. Get facts about Aswan Dam here.

Facts about Bridges 10: Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world.  It is situated in Japan.

Facts about Bridges

Facts about Bridges

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