10 Facts about Bridgewater Canal

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Facts about Bridgewater Canal talk about one of the important structures in England. The third Duke of Bridgewater, Francis Egerton commissioned the construction of Bridgewater Canal because he needed a passage to transport his coal from Worsley to Manchester. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bridgewater Canal below:

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 1: the connection

Bridgewater Canal is the structure which links Runcorn, Manchester and Leigh. The lock at Cornbook connected the canal to Manchester Ship Canal.

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 2: the first opening

The Bridgewater Canal was opened for the first time in 1761. It connected Worsley to Manchester. Then the canal was expanded to connect Manchester to Runcorn. Then it connected Worsley to Leigh.

Bridgewater Canal Picture

Bridgewater Canal Picture

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 3: the first true canal in England

Bridgewater Canal is often called as the first true canal in England. The period in Britain called canal mania was inspired after the construction of Bridgewater canal. An aqueduct was constructed to cross the River Irwell to establish the Bridgewater canal.

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 4: the competition

The competition occurred to find out the most important transportation in England. The Bridgewater canal had to compete with Macclesfield Canal and Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

Bridgewater Canal Image

Bridgewater Canal Image

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 5: the private ownership

Bridgewater canal is privately owned. The canal is not owned by the government of Britain. Check bridges facts here.

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 6: Why Egerton constructed the Bridgewater canal?

The main reason Egerton, the third duke of Bridgewater constructed the canal because he needed to transport the coal to supply the steam engines during the industrial revolution in England.

Bridgewater Canal Facts

Bridgewater Canal Facts

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 7: the inspiration

The Duke built Bridgewater Canal after being inspired from Sankey Canal in England.

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 8: the opening of Bridgewater Canal

In 1761, Ford Madox Brown opened the Bridgewater Canal. He was one of the Manchester Murals.

Facts about Bridgewater Canal

Facts about Bridgewater Canal

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 9: the cash

To construct the Bridgewater Canal, the duke had to spend a lot of money to make it done.  The report stated that he had to prepare £168,000 to construct the canal from Worsley to Manchester.  The cost equals with £23,122,210 in 2015. Get facts about bricks here.

Facts about Bridgewater Canal 10: the price of coal

The price of coal sold in the area was decreased 50 percent a year after the first opening of Bridgewater canal in 1761. It was caused by the easier transportation of coal over the river and land. The success of Bridgewater Canal led into the episode of Canal mania where people built more canals in England.

Bridgewater Canal

Bridgewater Canal

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