10 Facts about Brigham Young

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Facts about Brigham Young talk about the American setter of Western US and American leader in Latter Day Saint movement. This man was born on 1 June 1801 and died on 29 August 1877. In 1847 until his death in 1877, Young served as the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Young by reading the following post below:

Facts about Brigham Young 1: Salt Lake City

Do you know that Salt Lake City was established by Brigham Young?  The establishment of Brigham Young University and University of Utah was led by Young.  He was the first man who took the position of the governor of Utah Territory.

Facts about Brigham Young 2: the exodus

The exodus on the desert that Young had along with his followers was seen as a promised land. His followers considered him just like a biblical figure.

Brigham Young Facts

Brigham Young Facts

Facts about Brigham Young 3: the nickname

People call Young in various names.  Some people call him Modern Moses, American Moses or even Mormon Moses. His followers were called Mormon pioneers.

Facts about Brigham Young 4: Young in the view of his followers

The followers of Young called him as the Lion of the Lord because he had bold character. The Latter-Day Saints often called him Brother Brigham.

Brigham Young

Brigham Young

Facts about Brigham Young 5: the controversies

Young involved in various controversies in Mountain Meadow massacre, the Utah War, Priesthood and black people. Moreover, he was a polygamist. Find out Black Bart facts here.

Facts about Brigham Young 6: parents

Young was raised in a farming family. His mother was Abigail Nabby Young, while his father was John Young. They lived in Whitingham, Vermont. His father worked as a travelling blacksmith and carpenter.

Brigham Young Image

Brigham Young Image

Facts about Brigham Young 7: the first marriage of Young

Miriam Angeline Works and Young married in 1824. In 1832, his wife passed away. Young was interested with Mormonism after he read Book of Mormon in 1830.

Facts about Brigham Young 8: a missionary

He decided to become a missionary by travelling to Upper Canada after he joined the Mormonism in 1832.

Brigham Young Picture

Brigham Young Picture

Facts about Brigham Young 9: exodus of Latter Day Saints

In 1838, Young organized exodus of Latter Day Saints from Missouri. Actually in 1835, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles had selected Young as a member. In 1847, he took the position as the President of the Church. Get facts about Brian Boru here.

Facts about Brigham Young 10: Salt Lake City

Due to the various conflicts that Young and his followers had to face, he decided to move them to a new land. On 24 July 1847, Young came to Salt Lake Valley. President Millard Fillmore appointed him as the first governor of Utah.

Facts about Brigham Young

Facts about Brigham Young

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