10 Facts about Brighton

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Facts about Brighton tell you about the largest part of Brighton and Hove city.  The location of this seaside resort is on the south coast of England.  It is considered as the largest local authority due to the population in the city of Brighton and Hove. The report finds out that the people who lived in the city of Brighton and Hove were 273,400 individuals based on 2011 census. Here are other interesting facts about Brighton for you:

Facts about Brighton 1: the settlement in Brighton

The settlement in Brighton can be traced back in various eras such in the Anglo Saxon era, Roman Era and Bronze Age. If you check out the Domesday Book, the word Brighthelmstone was used to describe the ancient settlement in Brighton.

Facts about Brighton 2: the development of the town

During the middle Ages, Brighton was developed. However, it declined because of the storms and foreign attacks during the beginning of modern era. It made the population in the region declined rapidly.

Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove

Facts about Brighton 3: Brighton in modern period

Brighton in modern period is not bad.  People began to pay attention on the area after the road transportation to reach London was improved. Brighton is selected as the boarding point for the people who want to reach France.

Facts about Brighton 4: a health resort

Brighton is also famous as a health resort for people can do sea bathing to cure different kinds of ailments. People will come here and enjoy sea bathing.

Brighton Pic

Brighton Pic

Facts about Brighton 5: Brighton in the Georgian era

Brighton was developed into a seaside resort during the Georgian era. The Royal Pavilion was built in Brighton for Prince Regent loved to stay in town.

Facts about Brighton 6: the Victorian period

During the Victorian period, Brighton was very popular with its tourism. There were several buildings and attractions constructed in the town such as the Brighton Palace Pier, West Pier and Grand Hotel. Check Bremen facts here.

Brighton England

Brighton England

Facts about Brighton 7: Brighton in 20th century

In 1997, Brighton and Hove decided to unite to get a city status from Queen Elizabeth II.

Facts about Brighton 8: the famous attraction in Brighton now

Now people can enjoy different kinds of attractions in Brighton. You can find the art scene, musical concert, large cultural area, and unique shopping centers in Brighton.

Brighton Facts

Brighton Facts

Facts about Brighton 9: the nickname

Due to the wonderful places and interesting seaside, people call Brighton as the happiest place to live in United Kingdom and the hippest city in UK. Get facts about Boulogne here.

Facts about Brighton 10: the visitors

It is estimated that Brighton is visited by 8.5 million people per year.

Facts about Brighton

Facts about Brighton

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