10 Facts about Brighton Beach

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Facts about Brighton Beach talk about the coastal neighborhood located in New York City. You can find the beach along the Coney Island peninsula.  The neighborhood of Brighton beach had the total 31,228 households. The total population in the area was 75,692 people based on the report in 2007. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Brighton Beach by reading the below post:

Facts about Brighton Beach 1: the boundaries

On the south of Brighton Beach, you can spot the Atlantic Ocean. The Sheepshead Bay at Belt Parkways can be seen on the north. The east side, you can find Manhattan Beach at Corbin Place, while the west is Coney Island proper.

Facts about Brighton Beach 2: the popularity

Brighton Beach is very popular in America. It is famous due to the wonderful beaches. Therefore, the area is visited by the New York City residents during the summer season.

Brighton Beach Facts

Brighton Beach Facts

Facts about Brighton Beach 3: the immigrants

Brighton Beach is famous due to the largest Russian speaking immigrants who live in the region. Find out facts about Brandenburg Gate here.

Facts about Brighton Beach 4: the Russian speaking people

In 1940s and 1950s, the Russian speaking people came to Brighton Beach. Most of them were from Odessa, Ukraine. Thus, many people call the region as the Little Odessa. Then the region is called Little Russia due to the largest Russian speaking people.

Brighton Beach Picture

Brighton Beach Picture

Facts about Brighton Beach 5: the famous annual celebration in Brighton Beach

To commemorate and celebrate the Russian speaking heritage in Brighton Beach, the annual festival is held. People call it Brighton Jubilee.

Facts about Brighton Beach 6: the politician from Brighton Beach

The famous politician from Brighton Beach is Alec Brook-Krasny. He took the record as the first elected Soviet-born Jewish politician from the region. He served as the 16th District of New York State Assembly in 2006.

Brighton Beach NYC

Brighton Beach NYC

Facts about Brighton Beach 7: the English language proficiency

Do you know that the English language proficiency in Brighton Beach is very low? The report finds out that 36.1 percent of all population in the region do not understand or do not speak English.

Facts about Brighton Beach 8: the famous ballet school

Brighton Beach is a home to a famous Russian ballet school. It is called Brighton Ballet Theater. The school was formed in 1987. There are various types of ballet dance that the children can learn.

Facts about Brighton Beach

Facts about Brighton Beach

Facts about Brighton Beach 9: the crime

The crime in Brighton Beach is disturbing. The report finds out that there were 168 robberies, 8 murders, 226 felony assaults and 16 rapes taking place in 60th Precinct between 1 January and 14 September 2014. Get facts about Bradgate Park here.

Facts about Brighton Beach 10: Brighton Beach in movies

There were several movies set in Brighton Beach. They included Little Odessa (1994) and Two Lovers (2009).

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

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