10 Facts about Brisbane

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If you are interested to know the most populous city in Queensland, Australia, you have to check Facts about Brisbane. It also serves as the capital of the Australian state of Queensland. The people who live in the metropolitan area of Brisbane are around 2.3 million people. Therefore, it is called as the third most populous city in Australia. Here are some interesting facts about Brisbane to know:

Facts about Brisbane 1: the ancient homeland

Do you know that Brisbane was inhabited by the Turrbal and Jagera people during the ancient time? Therefore, it is considered as one of the oldest cities in Australia.

Facts about Brisbane 2: the name

The name of the city is taken from the name of Brisbane River. The name of the river is derived from the name of the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane.



Facts about Brisbane 3: a capital

In 1859, Queensland was selected as a detached colony from New South Wales.  Then Brisbane was chosen as the capital of this new state. Check Bolton facts here.

Facts about Brisbane 4: the important events

There are various important events conducted in Brisbane such as the final Goodwill Games in 2001, 1982 Commonwealth Games, 2014 G-20 summit and World Expo ’88.

Brisbane Skyline

Brisbane Skyline

Facts about Brisbane 5: The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

If you are an art lover and you want to know the collection of art pieces from outside and inside Australia, you can visit GOMA or Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. The first opening of this gallery was in December 2006.

Facts about Brisbane 6: The Queensland Performing Arts Centre

If you are at the South Bank of Brisbane, don’t forget to check Queensland Performing Arts Centre.  This art center houses Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Theatre Company, Opera Queensland, and Queensland Ballet.

Brisbane City

Brisbane City

Facts about Brisbane 7: the oldest Theatre in Brisbane

In 1936, Brisbane Arts Theatre was established. It is considered as the oldest one in the city. Other theaters in Brisbane include the Metro Arts Theatre, the Twelfth Night Theatre and Bille Brown Studio.

Facts about Brisbane 8: the sport events

There are various sport events conducted in Brisbane such as 2003 Rugby World Cup, 1982 Commonwealth Games, 2008 Rugby League World Cup, 1987 Rugby World Cup and 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Brisbane Facts

Brisbane Facts

Facts about Brisbane 9: Ekka

Ekka is one of the major cultural events conducted in August in Brisbane.  You can find out the Royal Queensland Exhibition in Ekka. Get facts about Bristol here.

Facts about Brisbane 10: other interesting festivals

Other interesting festivals that you can check in Brisbane include Warana, Riverfestival, and Paniyiri festival, Valley Fiesta, Brisbane International Film Festival and many more.

Facts about Brisbane

Facts about Brisbane

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