10 Facts about Bristol

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Let’s find out the city located in South West England by reading Facts about Bristol. Based on the report in 2014, Bristol was inhabited by 437,500 people. Based on the population, Bristol takes the 8th most populous city in United Kingdom. In England, it takes the sixth place. You can call the residents of Bristol as the Bristolians. Here are some interesting facts about Bristol to note.

Facts about Bristol 1: Bristol in the past

In the beginning of 11th century, Bristol was called Brycgstow. It was the old English version of Bristol which means the place at the bridge. It was called Brycgstow because the Roman villas and Iron Age hill forts were built there.

Facts about Bristol 2: as a county

Bristol was selected as a county after it became a part of Gloucestershire. In 1155, the region earned a royal charter before it became a county.

Bristol Beauty

Bristol Beauty

Facts about Bristol 3: an English city

Now Bristol is an English city.  Based on the tax receipts, Bristol was one of the top three cities in England in 13th to 18th century. Get facts about Bremen here.

Facts about Bristol 4: the decline

The decline of Bristol occurred during the industrial revolution because of the rise of Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

Bristol City

Bristol City

Facts about Bristol 5: the border

Bristol shares the borders with other cities in UK.  You can find Gloucester on the northeast, while Bath is on the southeast. When you visit Severn Estuary, you can find short coastline here.

Facts about Bristol 6: the history of Bristol

The history of Bristol is always associated with the sea. The base for the exploration to the New World was located in Bristol in 1500. In 1499, the first Englishman who led the exploration to reach North America was a Bristol merchant.



Facts about Bristol 7: the original city center

The original city center in Bristol was situated at the Port of Bristol. The city center is moved because the Severn Estuary at Avonmouth is used as the new commercial shipping.

Facts about Bristol 8: the record

In 2008, Bristol took the title as the first cycling city in England. In 2008 European Capital of Culture, Bristol was the finalist even though Liverpool got the award. In 2015, the city earns European Green Capital award. Check facts about Brighton here.

Bristol Facts

Bristol Facts

Facts about Bristol 9: theaters

There are several theaters that you can find in Bristol such as Bristol Old Vic, Alma Tavern, and Redgrave Theatre at Clifton College, Tobacco Factory, and QEH.

Facts about Bristol 10: the oldest gallery in Bristol

The oldest gallery in Bristol is located at Clifton. It is the Royal West of England Academy.

Facts about Bristol

Facts about Bristol

Are you impressed after reading facts about Bristol?

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