10 Facts about Brit Milah

Tuesday, September 1st 2015. | Religion

If you are interested to know the covenant of circumcision, you have to check Facts about Brit Milah. It is a ceremony conducted by the Jews.  The mohel will perform the religious male circumcision on the 8th day after the birth of the male infant. After the Brit Milah has been conducted, the seudat mitzvah will be performed. It is a celebratory meal. Here are other interesting facts about Brit Milah:

Facts about Brit Milah 1: the process of Brit Milah

The surface of the glans  is represented by the inner preputial epithelium during the neonatal stage. The Brit Milah is conducted if the glans is uncovered by removing epithelium.

Facts about Brit Milah 2: the medical circumcision

The epithelium as well as the foreskin will be removed if the circumcision is conducted by the surgeons.   It is conducted to avoid any complications.

Brit Milah Ceremony

Brit Milah Ceremony

Facts about Brit Milah 3: the ritual circumcision

As I have stated before, the Brit Milah is conducted by a mohel. If the foreskin is amputated, the epithelium can be peeled off by the mohel.  Priah is the term to call the procedure.

Facts about Brit Milah 4:priah

Priah is not a product of modern world. It has been performed by the Jews since they occupied the Land of Israel for the first time. That’s based on the traditional Jewish sources.

Brit Milah Facts

Brit Milah Facts

Facts about Brit Milah 5: metzitzah

Metzitzah is one of the important steps that the Jews should conduct to complete Mitzvah. The Hassidic and Orthodox Jews still perform metzitzah.

Facts about Brit Milah 6: metzitzah b’peh

Metzitzah b’peh is the ancient method to conduct metzitzah. Metzitzah b’peh means oral suction. The practice is conducted by having the mohel drawing or sucking the blood away from the cut using his mouth. Most Brit Milah do not perform metzitzah b’peh.

Brit Milah Jewish

Brit Milah Jewish

Facts about Brit Milah 7: herpes

The risk of having herpes on the infant is very high when metzitzah b’peh is conducted.

Facts about Brit Milah 8: who is a mohel?

A mohel is a trained person of Jews who conducts Brit Milah. The female mohel called mohalot is allowed by the non Orthodox Jews.

Brit Milah

Brit Milah

Facts about Brit Milah 9: Dr. Deborah Cohen

The first certified reform mohelet was Dr. Deborah Cohen. Berit Mila program of Reform Judaism gave her certification in 1984. Find out facts about Bar Mitzvah here.

Facts about Brit Milah 10: synagogue

The Brit Milah ceremony should be held in a synagogue.  But in some cases, the Jews conduct the ceremony in the house. It will be conducted eight days after the male baby is born.

Facts about Brit Milah

Facts about Brit Milah

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