10 Facts about Britain

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Facts about Britain inform you with the sovereign state in Europe. People call this country United Kingdom. It consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The only part of Britain which shares border with another country is Northern Ireland.  You can find Atlantic Ocean located around the UK. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Britain below:

Facts about Britain 1: the total area

Britain is considered as the 80th largest sovereign state in the world based on the total area.  The country has 243,000 km square or 93,800 square miles of area. In Europe, it takes the 11th place of the largest country.

Facts about Britain 2: the population

Britain is a home to 64.5 million people. Thus, it is located in 22nd most populous country in the world. The capital city of London is occupied by 10,310,000 people. In the European Union, it takes the largest city. In Europe, it takes the fourth largest city. London is considered as the financial center and global city in Britain.

Facts about Britain

Facts about Britain

Facts about Britain 3: Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the current monarch in Britain since February 6th, 1952.

Facts about Britain 4: the four countries of Britain

There are four countries which make up Great Britain. Those are Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland. The Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh are the capitals for the latter three countries. Check facts about Brazil here.



Facts about Britain 5: a developed country

Britain is one of the developed countries in the world. Based on the nominal GDP, Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world. Based on the purchasing power parity, it is the 10th largest economy.

Facts about Britain 6: a powerful country

Britain is considered as a powerful country in the world in 19th century and beginning of 20th century.   The power is reflected in the science, military, economy, politics and culture.

Britain Picture

Britain Picture

Facts about Britain 7: the organizations

Britain is a member in various organizations such as EEC, European Union, United Nations Security Council, NATO, Commonwealth of Nations, and WTO.

Facts about Britain 8: the former colonies

The former colonies of Britain include South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Australia, United States, and Australia.

Britain Big Ben

Britain Big Ben

Facts about Britain 9: the British Literature

The country is rich of literature. It is mostly connected with Channel Islands, Isle of Man and United Kingdom. There were 206,000 books published in 2005 in the country. Find out another country in Bermuda facts here.

Facts about Britain 10: William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is the most prominent poet and playwright from England. People consider him as the greatest dramatist.

Britain Facts

Britain Facts

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