10 Facts about British Airways

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The flag carrier airline from UK is explained in Facts about British Airways. If you check the airline based on the international flights, fleet size and international destination, it is considered as the largest airline. People often call British Airways as BA. Let’s find out other detail information about BA below:

Facts about British Airways 1: the passengers

If you check British Airways based on the passengers carried by this fleet, it is still behind easyJet. It takes the second place.

Facts about British Airways 2: the base

Can you guess the base of British Airways? This airline company is headquartered in Waterside. The location is close to the primary hub of British Airways at London Heathrow Airport.

British Airways Facts

British Airways Facts

Facts about British Airways 3: the establishment of British Airways

In 1972, UK government formed British Airways Board. The main aim was to manage British European Airways and British Overseas Airways Corporation. Both were the two nationalized airline corporations. The board also had the job to manage the Northeast Airlines from Newcastle upon Tyne and Cambrian Airways from Cardiff. Both were the smaller regional airlines. Those four companies eventually combined into British Airways on 31 March 1974.

Facts about British Airways 4: the state or private company

British Airways had been a state company for 13 years. In February 1987, it was privatized.

Facts about British Airways

Facts about British Airways

Facts about British Airways 5: the expansion

In 1987, British Caledonian was acquired by British Airways to expand the company. Other acquisitions occurred in 1992 and 2012 when the company acquired Dan-Air and British Midland International.

Facts about British Airways 6: the founding member

Do you know that British airways is a founding member along with other airlines such as Canadian Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and American Airlines to form Oneworld airline alliance? Check airport security facts here.

British Airways

British Airways

Facts about British Airways 7: the third largest alliance

Oneworld airline alliance is considered as the third largest alliance in the world. The first and second places are taken by SkyTeam and Star Alliance.

Facts about British Airways 8: merger

On 21 January 2011, British Airways and Iberia merged to create IAG or International Airlines Group. It becomes the second largest group in Europe and the third largest one in the world based on the annual revenue.

British Airways Pic

British Airways Pic

Facts about British Airways 9: the aircrafts

British Airways is a long time customer of Boeing. In August 1998, the company began to use Airbus. Get facts about airplanes here.

Facts about British Airways 10: destinations

There are around 160 destinations served by British Airways. This airline develops partnership and codeshare agreement with other airlines such as American Airlines, Air Berlin, Finnair, Malaysia Airlines, US Airways and many more.

British Airways Image

British Airways Image

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