10 Facts about British Colonialism

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Facts about British Colonialism tell you about the colonialism conducted by British people. They can be in the form of colonies where UK administered them. The colonialism began in the end of 16th and 18th century when England had the trading post and overseas possessions. Due to the high number of colonies that Britain had, it was considered as the foremost global power in the world at that time. Here are some interesting facts about British colonialism:

Facts about British Colonialism 1: establishing the colonies

Britain began to establish colonies in Asia and America because of the success of Spain and Portugal.

Facts about British Colonialism 2: the dominant colonial power

England became the dominant colonial power in India and North America after the wars between England and France and Netherlands in 17th and 18th century. Get facts about British history here.

Facts about British Colonialism

Facts about British Colonialism

Facts about British Colonialism 3: the union

In 1707, England and Scotland united into Great Britain. It made the union more powerful.

Facts about British Colonialism 4: the colonialism in America

Britain also had the power over the colonialism in America. But it had to let go one of the most populous colonies after Britain was defeated in the American War of Independence. In 1783, the Thirteen Colonies in North America were independent.

British Colonialism

British Colonialism

Facts about British Colonialism 5: other forms of colonialism

After Britain was defeated, the country turned the attention to colonize other countries in Pacific, Africa and Asia.

Facts about British Colonialism 6: Japan

Japan occupied most colonies of Britain in South-East Asia during the Second World War. However, the colonial power of Britain was decreased due to the broken prestige that it had to pay after the war. Check British Empire facts here.

British Colonialism Pic

British Colonialism Pic

Facts about British Colonialism 7: India

India was considered as one of the populous and valuable possessions of Britain. But Britain had to let it go too. In 1997, another event marked the end of Britain’s colonialism after Hong Kong was transferred to China.

Facts about British Colonialism 8: the people in American colonies

The people who conducted various criminal offences were transported to the American colonies by Britain since 1718. The number for the convicts reached one thousand individuals annually to be transported to American colonies.

British Colonialism Image

British Colonialism Image

Facts about British Colonialism 9: the land of Australia

Britain looked for the land of Australia after the country lost the 13 Colonies of America.

Facts about British Colonialism 10: James Cook

James Cook claimed the possession of Australia for Britain in 1770 during his scientific journey.
Since then Australia was colonized by Britain.

British Colonialism Facts

British Colonialism Facts

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