10 Facts about British Columbia

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If you want to learn more about the history, culture and largest city in the province on the west coast of Canada, check facts about British Columbia. The members of the Hudson’s Bay Company selected the name of the province in 1858. It became the 6th province in Canada in 1871.  Vancouver is considered as the largest city in British Columbia. Get more interesting facts about British Columbia below:

Facts about British Columbia 1: Vancouver

As I have stated before, Vancouver is considered as the largest city in the province. It serves as the second largest one in Pacific Northwest and the third largest one in Canada.

Facts about British Columbia 2: Premier

Can you tell me the premier of British Columbia? Christy Clark is the current premier of British Columbia from BC Liberal Party. On 26 February 2011, Clark was selected as a leader because of a leadership convention vote.

Facts about British Columbia

Facts about British Columbia

Facts about British Columbia 3: the agriculture

The agriculture in British Columbia is rich due to the mild weather in southern valleys and coastal areas.

Facts about British Columbia 4: the economy

The economy of British Columbia lies on mining, farming, and logging. The tourism and outdoor recreation are notable too in the province due to the mild climate.

British Columbia

British Columbia

Facts about British Columbia 5: the sense of adventure

If you are interested to do adventure with friends, you can go to British Columbia for it has forests, rivers, lakes, coasts, valleys and mountainous areas. You can do fishing, hunting, rock climbing, camping and mountaineering.

Facts about British Columbia 6: the interesting activities in the water

There are many water activities that you can do in British Columbia. The non motorized and motorized water sports are available in the province. You can also do kayaking, rafting, sailboarding and sailing. Check Alsace facts here.

British Columbia Picture

British Columbia Picture

Facts about British Columbia 7: the activities in the winter

If you are not capable to spend time in British Columbia in summer season, you can come here in winter season. You can do telemark skiing or even cross country skiing.

Facts about British Columbia 8: 2010 Winter Olympics

One of the important events held in British Columbia was 2010 Winter Olympics. The indoor events were held in Vancouver area. Whistler Blackcomb area hosted the downhill events.

British Columbia Map

British Columbia Map

Facts about British Columbia 9: the public universities

There are several public universities in British Columbia. Those include Vancouver Island University, University of British Columbia, University of Northern British Columbia, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University and University of the Fraser Valley. Get facts about Alberta here.

Facts about British Columbia 10: the film industry

The film industry in British Columbia is very big. It is considered as the third largest one in North America.

British Columbia Canada

British Columbia Canada

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