10 Facts about British History

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Find out the history of United Kingdom in Facts about British History. In 1707, the kingdom of Scotland and England merged as a unified sovereign state. The people call it Great Britain. In 1800, Kingdom of Ireland decided to merge to establish United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland based on Act of Union. Let’s find out more other interesting facts about British History by reading the following post below:

Facts about British History 1: the Jacobite risings

The Jacobite rising was the event which marked the early years of the unification of Kingdom of Great Britain. In 1746, the rising was defeated. Get facts about Bonnie Prince Charlie here.

Facts about British History 2: the dominance of British Empire

Britain was successful in Seven Years War in 1763. The event led the kingdom to become the most powerful country in the world after it established the largest empire in the history for almost a century.

British History Facts

British History Facts

Facts about British History 3: the culture

Due to the largest empire that Britain has, there is no need to wonder that British culture, way of living, lifestyle, education, language and education are widespread around the world.

Facts about British History 4: Anglo-Irish Treaty

The Irish Free State was established in 1922 after the Anglo Irish Treaty. However, Northern Ireland decided to join United Kingdom a day later.

British History Tapestry

British History Tapestry

Facts about British History 5: the formal title

When Northern Ireland joined Great Britain, the formal title of this sovereign state became United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. People often call it Britain, UK, or United Kingdom for the short name.

Facts about British History 6: Britain in World War 2

World War 2 is one of the important events in the world’s history.  The allies won the war against Japan, Italy and Germany. At that time, Britain and its empire joined with United States, Nationalist China and Soviet Union to win the war.

British History Queen

British History Queen

Facts about British History 7: the cost of World War 2

Britain had to spend a great cost in the World War 2 even though the allies won.  Britain has to give most empires independence due to the low inclination and wealth to maintain an empire. The Commonwealth of Nations was formed to join the new states. Find facts about British Empire here.

Facts about British History 8: a shared monarch

The death of Elizabeth I changed the history of England. She did not have any child to get the crown. Therefore, James VI of Scotland became the James I of England. He was the Union of the Crown for England and Scotland.

British History Map

British History Map

Facts about British History 9: a single parliament of Great Britain

The single parliament of Great Britain was established after the two kingdom of England and Scotland united.

Facts about British History 10: the first monarch of Great Britain

The first monarch of Great Britain was Queen Anne.

Facts about British History

Facts about British History

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