10 Facts about British Owls

Thursday, September 3rd 2015. | Animals

Get the interesting Facts about British Owls in the below post.  There are several types of owls which live in United Kingdom. You can find the barn owl, snowy owls and short eared owls. One of the typical owl families is the snowy owl. It has the scientific name Bubo scandiacus. It has the white color. You can find them living in Eurasia and North America. Here are some interesting facts about British owls for you:

Facts about British Owls 1: the young and old snowy owls

The younger snowy owls have darker plumage. When they grow up, the plumage looks lighter. The female snowy owls have gray plumage, while you can see all white body on the male snowy owls.

Facts about British Owls 2: the habitat

The snowy owls like to build the nest on the ground. You can find their nest located on boulder or mound top.

British Owl Facts

British Owl Facts

Facts about British Owls 3: the range

The snowy owls can be found living in Canada, Alaska and Eurasia which include Great Britain. You can also find them in northern China, southernmost Russia and Georgia, USA.

Facts about British Owls 4: the diet of snowy owls

The main diet of snowy owls include marmots, squirrels, gulls, songbirds, , rats, moles, ducks, geese, shorebirds, and prairie dogs.

Facts about British Owls

Facts about British Owls

Facts about British Owls 5: northern hawk-owl

Another British owl is northern hawk-owl. It has the scientific name Surnia ulula.  This type of bird will always stay in their breeding range. They will never migrate to another location.

Facts about British Owls 6: the habitat

The northern hawk owls can be found living in the boreal forest and coniferous forest. It is not possible to find the bird in the thick spruce fir forest. They like to stay on the meadows, clearings, or even valleys.

British Owls

British Owls

Facts about British Owls 7: the small owl in Britain

The small owl in Britain is the boreal owl.  The scientific name of this bird is Aegolius funereus. The people who live in Europe often call this boreal owl as Tengmalm’s owl. It was named after Peter Gustaf Tengmalm, the famous Swedish naturalist.

Facts about British Owls 8: the habitat of boreal owls

The boreal owls like to live in remote taiga or boreal habitat because this bird is very shy. They are active after the dark.

British Owl

British Owl

Facts about British Owls 9: the barn owl

Tyto Alba is the scientific name of the barn owl.  It is considered as the most common type of owl in the world. Find facts about barn owls here.

Facts about British Owls 10: the nocturnal animal

The barn owl is considered as a nocturnal animal. But you can find them hunting food in the day in some Pacific islands and Britain. Get facts about Britain here.

British Owl Image

British Owl Image

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