10 Facts about British Parliament

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Facts about British Parliament inform you with parliament in United Kingdom. People often call it as UK parliament. The ultimate power of the all political institutions in United Kingdom, British overseas territories and British Crown dependencies are possessed by the British Parliament. Let’s find out more interesting facts about British Parliament by reading the below post:

Facts about British Parliament 1: the head and seat

The Palace of Westminster located in Westminster, London is considered as the seat for British Parliament.  The Sovereign of United Kingdom is the head of British Parliament. Now Queen Elizabeth is the head of this powerful institution.

Facts about British Parliament 2: the bicameral British Parliament

The British Parliament has the house of commons of a lower house and the House of Lords or upper house. Therefore, it has a bicameral system.

British Parliament Building

British Parliament Building

Facts about British Parliament 3: the legislature and the third component

In the legislature, the third component is made up of the Sovereign. People call it the Queen-in-Parliament.

Facts about British Parliament 4: the member of the House of Commons

The members in the house of common are elected for every five years. The election is democratic.

British Parliament Pic

British Parliament Pic

Facts about British Parliament 5: the members in the House of Lords

There are two members in the House of Lords. The sovereign selects the members in Lords Temporal based on the suggestion of Prime Minister. They are also called as the members of Peerage.  The senior bishops of the Church of England are selected as Lords Spiritual. Check facts about British politics here.

Facts about British Parliament 6: the separate chambers

The Palace of Westminster is considered as the seat for the House of Lords and House of Commons. There will be separate chambers for the two houses to meet.

British Parliament

British Parliament

Facts about British Parliament 7: the prime minister and government ministers

In most cases, the prime minister and government ministers are from the House of Commons.

Facts about British Parliament 8: the name of parliament

The name of the British parliament was changed into Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland based on the Royal Parliamentary Titles Act 1927.  The formal amendment on the name of the British parliament was made five years after the establishment of Irish Free State.

British Parliament Facts

British Parliament Facts

Facts about British Parliament 9: the mother of parliament

The mother of parliament is used to dub the patterns of democracies which have been set by British Parliament all over the world. Get facts about British Empire here.

Facts about British Parliament 10: who coined the epithet?

The epithet of the mother of parliament was coined by John Bright.

Facts about British Parliament

Facts about British Parliament

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