10 Facts about British Politics

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Let’s find out the interesting Facts about British Politics in the below explanation.  In United Kingdom, the head of government is the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. The head of the state is the Monarch. This unitary democracy government is inside the constitutional monarchy. If you want to know more about the current prime minister and monarch in United Kingdom, you have to check the following post below:

Facts about British Politics 1: Her Majesty’s Government

Her Majesty’s government has the executive power based on the monarch.

Facts about British Politics 2: the bicameral parliament

The British parliament is applied in two chambers which represent the legislative power. Both are the House of Lords of the upper house and the House of Commons of the lower house along with the West and Northern Ireland assemblies and Scottish parliament.

Facts about British Politics

Facts about British Politics

Facts about British Politics 3: the judiciary

The Supreme Court of United Kingdom is considered as the highest court in the country. It serves as the judiciary. This institution is independent from the legislative and executive power.

Facts about British Politics 4: the multi party system

The multi party system is the political system in United Kingdom. There are two biggest parties in United Kingdom since 1920s. Both are the Labour Party and Conservative Party.

British Politics

British Politics

Facts about British Politics 5: the Liberal Party

The Liberal Party was a major party in United Kingdom before the rise of the Labor Party. Find facts about Britain here.

Facts about British Politics 6: the parliamentary politics

During the parliamentary politics, the minority government as well as coalition is very common to see. The dominance of the party in Britain is seen as the result of general election. In 2010 until 2015, the coalition in the government was held by conservative and liberal democrat parties. It was considered as the first coalition since 1945.

British Politics Pic

British Politics Pic

Facts about British Politics 7: the end of the coalition

On 7 May 2015, the coalition between the conservative and liberal Democratic Party ended. The conservative party won the election by having 330 seats in the house of common. Their former partner only earned 8 seats.

Facts about British Politics 8: the Westminster system

The Westminster system is the term to call the system of government in United Kingdom. The countries formerly included in British Empire adopted the system. Get facts about British Empire here.

British Politics Facts

British Politics Facts

Facts about British Politics 9: the uncodified constitution

The statutes, EU laws, constitutional conventions and other elements make up the constitution in UK.

Facts about British Politics 10: the current monarch

The current monarch of Britain is Queen Elizabeth II.

British Politics Pictures

British Politics Pictures

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