10 Facts about British Prisons

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Facts about British Prisons talk about the prisons that you can find in Britain. You can find several historical prisons that people can visit for their vacation. The country also has around 150 current British prisons. The prisons are not only located in England. You can also find them in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Here are some interesting facts about British Prisons:

Facts about British Prisons 1: who manages the prisons in Wales and England?

Can you guess the institution which manages the prisons located in England and Wales? HMPS or Her Majesty’s Prison Service is in charge to manage the public prisons in the areas.

Facts about British Prisons 2:  the private companies

It is not easy to run all prisons in United Kingdom. Therefore, the government also cooperates with the private companies to run several prisons for the day to day basis since 1990s. Some of the private companies include G4S and Serco. Get facts about British history here.

Facts about British Prisons

Facts about British Prisons

Facts about British Prisons 3: the inspection

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons is the institution which has the responsibility to inspect all prisons in Wales and England.

Facts about British Prisons 4: the prisoners in England and Wales

There are several categories which divide the prisoners in Wales and England.  It can be seen from the security classification, gender and age.

British Prisons

British Prisons

Facts about British Prisons 5: security categorization

Security categorization will be applied as soon as the male adult prisoners enter the prisons. The adult ones have the age 21 years or over. The security categorization is seen from the danger to the public if this prisoner escapes the like hood to escape from the prison, the length of sentence, and the committed crime.

Facts about British Prisons 6: the classification of female prisoners

There are three categories for female prisoners. Those are the open, semi open, closed and restricted status.

British Prisons Pic

British Prisons Pic

Facts about British Prisons 7: the prisoners in Scotland

There are three categories for the prisoners in Scotland. Those are the prisoners with low supervision, medium supervision and high supervision.

Facts about British Prisons 8: HM Prison Altcourse

The example of the category B men’s private prison is HM Prison Altcourse. G4S operates the prison. The location of this prison is in Merseyside, England.

British Prisons Facts

British Prisons Facts

Facts about British Prisons 9: HM Prison Birmingham

The example of a Category B/C men’s prison is HM Prison Birmingham. The local people call it as Winson Green Prison. G4s operates the prison. In the past, it was managed by Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

Facts about British Prisons 10: the training and education

Derby College gives the training and education for the prisoners in Birmingham.

British Prison

British Prison

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