10 Facts about British Slavery

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Facts about British Slavery inform you with the institution of slavery in British Isles. Before the Roman occupation, slavery had been conducted in British Isles. The feudalism and serfdom replaced the chattel slavery after the Norman Conquest on British Isles. Here some interesting facts about Slavery in Britain.

Facts about British Slavery 1: the petty crimes

The people who conducted petty crimes in Ireland and England were transported to the colonies as servants or criminals to punish these people in 17th century until 19th century.

Facts about British Slavery 2: the Atlantic slave trade

During the Atlantic slave trade, the largest participants in the sales were British merchants. The slave labor in the New World was taken from the enslaved West African people. They were considered as commodities by the ship owners. Check facts about British Empire here.


British Slavery Facts

British Slavery Facts

Facts about British Slavery 3: William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce had a long campaign to abolish the practice of slave trade. Eventually the Slave Trade Act 1807 was passed by the British parliament which prohibited the slave trade practice. The Royal Navy’s West African Squadron enforced the Slave Trade Act.

Facts about British Slavery 4: persuading other countries

It seems that British people were very aware with slavery and contradicted to it. Therefore, they used the power to influence other countries to prohibit slave trade. The Royal Navy also signed treaties with other country for interdicting the ships.

British Slavery Image

British Slavery Image

Facts about British Slavery 5: Somersets’s case

There were no slaves who could be eliminated from Britain based on the Somersett’s case in 1772. The case was used to emancipate the slaves who lived in Britain. Most of them worked as domestic servants. Find out British History facts here.

Facts about British Slavery 6: The British Empire

Even though Britain tried to abolish slavery, the countries included in British Empire were not influenced by the act. However, the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 tried to abolish slavery in British Empire. However, Saint Helena, East India Company and Ceylon were not affected by the Act. In 1843, the exception for them was banished.

British Slavery Picture

British Slavery Picture

Facts about British Slavery 7: Human Rights Act 1998

UK Human Rights Act 1998 and European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003 as well as Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Right prohibit slavery and servitude.

Facts about British Slavery 8: the common practice

Slavery was a common precise for the people in Britannia before the arrival of Romans.

Facts about British Slavery

Facts about British Slavery

Facts about British Slavery 9: the Roman Empire

During the Roman Empire, slavery was still a part of the society. The people often exported slaves.

Facts about British Slavery 10: Romano-Briton Saint Patrick

The Irish raiders captured Romano-Briton Saint Patrick in the beginning of 5th century and sold him as a slave.

British Slavery

British Slavery

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