10 Facts about British Snakes

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If you want to know the type of snakes which live in Britain, you have to look at Facts about British Snakes. Snakes are included as a type of reptile. Actually Britain is a home to 10 to 11 species of reptiles. The common European adder that you can find in Britain is Vipera berus. This animal spreads around East Asia and Western Europe. The venomous viper is dangerous if you get bitten. Here are some interesting facts about British Snakes to note:

Facts about British Snakes 1:Vipera Berus

The common name for Vipera Berus is the common viper and common adder. This snake is very important in European and British culture for it is always associated with the local folklore.

Facts about British Snakes 2: the bite of Vipera Berus

Even though Vipera berus is dangerous animal, it will never bite if you do not provoke the snake. It will be aggressive if you disturb the snake. The bites are seldom fatal, but they can be very painful for human.



Facts about British Snakes 3: the place of living

Let’s find out the place of living for vipera berus. You can find them living in various terrains. The animals will hunt for worms, spiders, birds, small mammals, lizard and insects to feed. Get facts about Britain here.

Facts about British Snakes 4: the grass snake

Another kind of British snake is the grass snake. The scientific name of this animal is Natrix natrix. Some people call it water snake or ringed snake.

Facts about British Snakes

Facts about British Snakes

Facts about British Snakes 5: is the grass snake venomous?

The grass snake is not included as a venomous snake. The common food for the grass snake is amphibians. You can find them living near the water.

Facts about British Snakes 6: the food for grass snake

Let’s find out the food for grass snake. You can find them eating common frogs, common toads and ants in some cases.

British Snake

British Snake

Facts about British Snakes 7: the habitat

The habitat of British snakes is near the water. They can be found living near the fresh water area. Do you know that grass snakes are powerful swimmer?

Facts about British Snakes 8: Coronella austriaca

Coronella austriaca is another British snake that you can find in northern Iran, central Europe and Northern Europe. The common name for this snake is smooth snake.

British Snakes

British Snakes

Facts about British Snakes 9: the size of Coronella austriaca

On average, Coronella austriaca has the length at 14 inches to 30 inches. Find out another snake in boa constrictor facts.

Facts about British Snakes 10: Aesculapian snake

The last type of snake to learn is Aesculapian snake. The total length of the snake is around 6.6 feet to 2 meters.

Grass Snake

Grass Snake

Are you interested reading facts about British snakes?

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