10 Facts about British Soldiers

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Facts about British Soldiers talk about the principal land warfare force in United Kingdom. Before it was operated under the Ministry of Defence since 1964, the War Office from London administered the British Soldiers. The Chief of the General Staff serves the professional head of the British soldier. Let’s find out more interesting facts about British soldiers by reading the below post:

Facts about British Soldiers 1: The Regular Army

The Regular Army in Britain is used to call the full time element of the British soldiers. This regular army was established in 1908 for reservist Territorial Force.

Facts about British Soldiers 2: the monarch

The commander in chief for the British army is in the hand of the monarch. Thus, all members of British army should affirm and swear their allegiance. However, the crown needs parliamentary consent to have a standing army in peace time based on the Bill of Rights in 1689.


Facts about British Soldiers

Facts about British Soldiers

Facts about British Soldiers 3: the Armed Forces Act

The Armed Forces Act will be passed at least once per five years to get the approval from the parliament about the existence of British Army.

Facts about British Soldiers 4: the British Army and Royal Army

The British Army does not have any royal title.  The other forces in Britain such as Royal Air Force, Royal Marines and Royal Navy have the royal titles. The absence of Royal title on the British army has something to do with the struggle between the monarchy and parliament. There is no need to wonder that the British Army is always connected to the parliament than to the monarch. Find out facts about army here.

British Soldiers

British Soldiers

Facts about British Soldiers 5: the constituent regiments on the British Army

The Royal prefix can be found applied on many constituent regiments and corps of British army. You can also find that some members of royal family get the senior honorary position in the army.

Facts about British Soldiers 6: the major wars

British army had participated in some major wars in the world such as Crimean War, Napoleonic Wars, Seven Years’ War, World War 1 and World War 2.

British Soldiers Pictures

British Soldiers Pictures

Facts about British Soldiers 7: the leading military

Due to the amazing skill and experience, the British Army is considered as one of the leading militaries in the world.

Facts about British Soldiers 8: the peacekeeping operation

British soldiers also involve in various peacekeeping operations in the world.

British Soldiers Facts

British Soldiers Facts

Facts about British Soldiers 9: the first establishment of British soldiers

In 1660, the first establishment of English army was conducted. They served as a standing military force. Get facts about Boer war here.

Facts about British Soldiers 10: the English and Scottish army

During the fighting for the War of Spanish Succession, many regiments of Scottish and English army were under one operation in 1707.

British Soldier

British Soldier

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