10 Facts about British Wool

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the textile fiber that people get from the sheep and other animals in Facts about British Wool. Many people think that the wool is only obtained from sheep. It is not true. You can get the qiviut from muskoxen, mohair from goats, angora from rabbits and cashmere from goats. Here are some interesting facts about British wool for you:

Facts about British Wool 1: the characteristics of British wool

There are several characteristics of British wool that you need to note. It grows in cluster. It is elastic and crimped.

Facts about British Wool 2: British Wool Marketing Board

Do you know that Britain has British Wool Marketing Board? The main function of this institution is for operating the marketing system for fleece wool in United Kingdom.

Facts about British Wool

Facts about British Wool

Facts about British Wool 3: the purpose of the organization

The purpose for establishing the British Wool Marking Board is to grade, collect, promote, market and sell the fleece wool.

Facts about British Wool 4: the operation of British Wool Marketing Board

The British Marketing Board operates commercially. But this organization does not receive any financial support.

British Wool

British Wool

Facts about British Wool 5: the objective of British Wool Marketing Board

British Wool Marketing Board has various objectives such as to increase the quality of clip, secure fleece market for the producers, improve the demands and give the efficient marketing and promotion.

Facts about British Wool 6: how to determine the quality of wool

There are several characteristics to define the quality of wool such as the staple strength, color, yields, crimp, and fiber diameter. Find out Bags facts here.

British Wool Industry

British Wool Industry

Facts about British Wool 7: the price and quality

The most important aspect which determines the price and quality is the fiber diameter. If you want to have a fine quality of wool, you can select merino wool. It has the length at 3 to 5 inches. The people get the highest quality of wool made of Merino hoggets.

Facts about British Wool 8: the wool from sheep

You can get the coarse textured wool from the sheep produced for meat. The length of the wool is around 38 to 152 mm or 1.5 to 6 inches.

British Wool Facts

British Wool Facts

Facts about British Wool 9: the global production of wool

Every year, it is around 1.3 million tonnes of wool produced globally. More than 60 percent of wool production is used for the apparel industry. Find out facts about Batik here.

Facts about British Wool 10: the leading producer of wool

The leading producer of wool in the world is Australia. The second one is New Zealand. The third one is China.

British Wool Farms

British Wool Farms

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