10 Facts about Brook Trout

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Check out Facts about Brook Trout if you want to know the freshwater fish included in Salmonidae family. The scientific name of this book trout is Salvelinus fontinalis. The animal is dubbed in various names such as brook charr, speckled trout, eastern brook trout, mud trout and squaretail. Coaster or coaster trout is used to call the brook trout in Lake Superior. Here are other interesting facts about book trout for you:

Facts about Brook Trout 1: the native freshwater animal

Brook trout is considered as the native freshwater animals in Canada and US. But you can find this animal in other parts of continents for people introduce it artificially.

Facts about Brook Trout 2: the state fish

There are nine states in US which use brook trout as their state fish. The states are West Virginia, Virginia, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, and New Hampshire.

Brook Trout Color

Brook Trout Color

Facts about Brook Trout 3: the extinct trout species

The extinct trout species is the silver trout. In 1930, people saw the last appearance of silver trout in Dublin Pond.

Facts about Brook Trout 4: the physical appearance of Brook trout

The body of brook trout is in brown and dark green tone.  At the flanks, dorsal fin and tail, you can find the marbled pattern. Find out Angelfish facts here.

Brook Trout

Brook Trout

Facts about Brook Trout 5: the weight and length

The brook trout has the average weight at 0.3 to 3 kilogram. The length of brook trout is around 9.8 to 25.6 inches or 25 to 65 cm.

Facts about Brook Trout 6: the life span

On average, brook trout can live for seven years. However, the species of brook trout in California habitat live until 15 years.

Brook Trout Facts

Brook Trout Facts

Facts about Brook Trout 7: the growth rate

There are several factors which affect the growth rate of brook trout. Those include the flow rate, ambient air temperature, water, age and season.

Facts about Brook Trout 8: the habitat

You can find brook trout living in the streams, rivers, lakes, spring ponds, and creeks. The brook trout is very sensitive with pH change, pollutions, acid rain and poor oxygenation. Get facts about bony fish here.

Facts about Brook Trout

Facts about Brook Trout

Facts about Brook Trout 9: the pH range

Brook trout prefers to live in the habitat with clear water. The best pH range for the brook trout to live is around 5.0 to 7.5. Some species can live in the pH range of 3.5 to 9.8.

Facts about Brook Trout 10: coasters

Coasters are native to Lake Superior. The weight of this species can reach 2.7 to 3.2 kilogram or 6 to 7 lbs.

Brook Trout Image

Brook Trout Image

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