10 Facts about Brooklyn Bridge

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Facts about Brooklyn Bridge tell you about the suspension bridge in New York City. In 1883, the bridge was completed. This building spans over the East River and links the Boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. In United States, it is considered as one of the oldest bridges. The first steel wire suspension bridge ever constructed is Brooklyn Bridge. Here are other interesting facts about Brooklyn Bridge for you:

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 1: the primary span on the Brooklyn Bridge

The primary span of Brooklyn Bridge has the length of 486.3 meter or 1,595.5 feet.

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 2: the record

Brooklyn Bridge takes the record as the first steel wire suspension bridge in the world.  In the past, Brooklyn Bridge was called East River Bridge or New York and Brooklyn Bridge. In 1915, the bridge was called Brooklyn Bridge. Find out brick facts here.

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 3: a prominent icon

Brooklyn Bridge is always associated with New York City. This building is an icon. In 1964, it was included in the National Historic Landmark. In 1972, Brooklyn Bridge was included as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 4: the design of Brooklyn Bridge

As I have stated before, Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge. However, the hybrid cable stayed design is used to establish the bridge. Get facts about bridges here.

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 5: the materials for the towers

There are several materials used to create the towers. Those include Rosendale cement, granite and limestone.

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 6: the construction of Brooklyn Bridge

In 1869, Brooklyn Bridge was constructed. John Augustus Roebling was the initial architect who designed the bridge. He was a German immigrant. One of his previous designs was Roebling’s Delaware Aqueduct.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 7: the death of John Augustus Roebling

John Augustus Roebling died after he suffered from a tetanus infection. He had it when his foot had a crush injury during the survey on the bridge. The construction of the bridge was given to the son of Roebling. However, he also had a paralyzing injury after the initial construction of the bridge.

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 8: Emily Warren Roebling

Emily Warren Roebling was the wife of Roebling who helped his husband to design and construct the bridge. He was guided by his husband to supervise the construction of the bridge. She spent 11 years to do it. She also studied catenary curves, bridge specification, material strength and mathematics.

Brooklyn Bridge Skyline

Brooklyn Bridge Skyline

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 9: the book

If you are interested to know the detail construction of Brooklyn Bridge, you can check it on The Great Bridge.

Facts about Brooklyn Bridge 10: Ken Burns

Ken Burns made a documentary movie about the construction of the bridge released in PBS in 1981.

Brooklyn Bridge Picture

Brooklyn Bridge Picture

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