10 Facts about Brown Bears

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the large bear that you can spot in North America and northern Eurasia in Facts about Brown Bears. The scientific name of brown bear is Ursus arctos. Brown bears have several subspecies. They are considered as the largest land based predator in our planet. Here are some interesting facts about Facts about Brown Bears:

Facts about Brown Bears 1: the status

The IUCN considers brown bears as the least concern species. The total population of brown bears is around 200,000 individuals. Even though it is least concern, the local extinction is still faced by the brown bears.

Facts about Brown Bears 2: the Himalayan brown bear

The Himalayan brown bear is considered as the smallest subspecies of brown bears. The people concern more with this subspecies for they are included as critically endangered animals.

Brown Bear

Brown Bear

Facts about Brown Bears 3: Marsican brown bear

Another subspecies of brown bears are Marsican brown bear. The population of this bear in central Italy is around 30-40 individuals.

Facts about Brown Bears 4: the range

You can find brown bears living in various parts of the world such as United States, China, India, Russia, Canada, Carpathian region, and Scandinavia.


Facts about Brown Bears

Facts about Brown Bears

Facts about Brown Bears 5: the widely distributed animal

Brown bears are considered as the widely distributed animals in the world.  Some Europeans countries select brown bears as their state or national animal.

Facts about Brown Bears 6: the body color

Despite the name that this animal has, actually the body color is not brown. At the back of the neck, it has a long make. The fur is very thick and long.

Brown Bears Facts

Brown Bears Facts

Facts about Brown Bears 7: the brown bears in India

The reddish color with silver tips can be seen on the brown bears which live in India. The dark brown color can be seen on the brown bears located in northern America. It can be in yellowish brown, cream or almost black tone. Find bears facts here.

Facts about Brown Bears 8: the brown bears in China

If you check the brown bears in China, they have the two toned colors on the body. You can find the whitish cape at the shoulders with yellow-brown body.

Brown Bears

Brown Bears

Facts about Brown Bears 9: the weight of brown bears

On average, the brown bears which live in interior Alaska, Yellowstone national park and Europe have the weight around 254 to 794 lb or 115 to 360 kg. Get facts about black bears here.

Facts about Brown Bears 10: the largest brown bears

If you want to spot the largest brown bears, you can go to the Far East Russia and coastal areas of Alaska. The Kodiak bear is the largest subspecies.

Brown Bears Image

Brown Bears Image

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