10 Facts about Brown Eyes

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If you want to know the common eye colors for the Southeast Asian and East Asian people, you have to look at Facts about Brown Eyes. These people usually have the dark brown eyes. The light brown eyes usually are owned by the American, west Asian, Southern Europe, and South Asian people.  The presence of high concentration of melanin on the eyes is the main reason why human being has brown eyes. Let’s find out more interesting facts about brown eyes by reading the below post:

Facts about Brown Eyes 1: the dominant eye color in the world

The dominant eye color in the world is the brown eyes. You can find the dark pigmented brown eyes on the people who live in Central Asia, America, Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and West Asia.

Facts about Brown Eyes 2: the Semitic people

The Semitic people such as the Arabian and Jewish people also have the brown eyes.

Brown Eyes Facts

Brown Eyes Facts

Facts about Brown Eyes 3: the honey eyes

The honey eyes are used to call the light colored brown eyes. They can be seen on the people who live in South Asia, Middle East and South Europe.

Facts about Brown Eyes 4: the protection

The people who have brown eyes should feel lucky because they have less risk of having cancer on the eyes.  If there is no melanin on the eyes, the color of the eyes will be blue.

Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

Facts about Brown Eyes 5: the genes

The gene inherited from the parents determines the type of colors that the kids will have. When a person has brown, it means that the brown eyed gene is more dominant than the green and blue eyed genes.

Facts about Brown Eyes 6: the dominant gene

To get a brown eyed color, a person only needs one brown eyed gene. On the other hand, the blue eye color is only owned when a person has some blue eyed genes.

Brown Eyes Picture

Brown Eyes Picture

Facts about Brown Eyes 7: the notable celebrities with brown eyes

Can you mention the notable celebrities who have brown eyes? Those include Catherine Zeta Jones, Kat Von D, Johnny Depp, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Kobe Bryant, Orlando Bloom, Natalie Portman, Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears.

Facts about Brown Eyes 8: a confident person

Many people believe that the people who have brown eyes are very confident. Moreover, they state that the dominant facial features can be seen on the men with brown eyes.

Brown Eyes Colors

Brown Eyes Colors

Facts about Brown Eyes 9: the most common eyes to see

It is very easy to find the people who have brown eyes. On the other hand, finding the people with blue eyes are difficult.

Facts about Brown Eyes 10: the blue eyes

If you are in Iceland, it will be difficult for you to find out the people with brown eyes. More than 80 percent of the people there have blue eyes. Find facts about blue eyes here.

Facts about Brown Eyes

Facts about Brown Eyes

Are you fascinated after reading facts about brown eyes?

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