10 Facts about Brown Hair

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Let’s find out the second most common human hair in Facts about Brown Hair. Black hair is still considered as the first most common human hair. The tone of brown hair is various. You can have it in almost black hair color into the light brown hair color. The pale pigment pheomelanin is considered as the lower level, while the dark pigment eumelanin presents the higher level of brown hair. Here are other interesting facts about brown hair for you:

Facts about Brown Hair 1: the thickness of brown hair’s strands

If you compare the thickness of the brown hair’s strands with the fair hair, they are thicker. If you compare them with the red hair, they are thinner.

Facts about Brown Hair 2: brunette

Brunette is a term used to call the women or girls who have black or brown hair. It was taken from French word, brun which means dark haired, brown haired and brown.

Facts about Brown Hair

Facts about Brown Hair

Facts about Brown Hair 3: the population of the people

The people who have brown hair usually live in United States, Southern Europe, central Europe and Greater Middle East. The Melanesians and Australian Aborigines also have brown hair.

Facts about Brown Hair 4: the various shades of brown

There are various shades of brown. The light brown tone is available with a small sign of blondism. The people also have the darkest brown or almost black tone. The shades include milk chocolate brown, light chestnut brown, medium brown, dark brown, deepest brunette, light ash brown, cinnamon brown or even burgundy brown.

Brown Hair

Brown Hair

Facts about Brown Hair 5: the stereotypes

The people who have the brown hair are always associated with smart, serious, sophisticated and stable characters based on the popular culture in the west.

Facts about Brown Hair 6: the study about brown hair women

There was a study about the women with brown hair. The report stated that the brown hair women were linked with competence and stability based on 62 percent men’s opinion.

Brown Hair Shades

Brown Hair Shades

Facts about Brown Hair 7: the report from Allure Magazine

It was very surprising to know that 76 percent of American women believed that the first president of US will have brown hair based on the report in Allure magazines in 2005. Get facts about brown eyes here.

Facts about Brown Hair 8: brown hair in popular culture

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was written by Anita Loos. The sequel of her novel was But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes.

Brown Hair Pic

Brown Hair Pic

Facts about Brown Hair 9: blonde women

If you check the popular culture, there are many depictions about the rivalry between the blonde women and brunette women. Get facts about blonde hair here.

Facts about Brown Hair 10: brown hair in Europe

It is very easy to find out the brown haired women in Europe. The darker shade of brown is found mostly in the Iberian Peninsula, while the light or medium one is presented in Central Europe.

Brown Hair Facts

Brown Hair Facts

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