10 Facts about Brown University

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Let’s find out the private university in Providence, Rhode Island by reading Facts about Brown University. In United States, it takes the seventh oldest university. It was established in 1764. The university is very important in US for it was founded before the American Revolution. It was known as the College in the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Here are some interesting facts about Brown University for you:

Facts about Brown University 1: the engineering program

In 1847, the engineering program was introduced at Brown University. In 1969, the faculty vote made the Brown curriculum official. This new curriculum allowed the student to create their own syllabus and removed the general education.

Facts about Brown University 2: Pembroke College

Pembroke College was the coordinate women’s institutions of Brown. It joined Brown University in 1971.

Facts about Brown University

Facts about Brown University

Facts about Brown University 3: a selective university

Brown University is very selective to choose their students. The report for the class of 2019, it has the acceptance rate at 8.5 percent.

Facts about Brown University 4: the international programs

Brown University also has their international program. It works together with Rhode Island School of Design, Marine Biological Laboratory and Watson Institute for International Studies.

Brown University

Brown University

Facts about Brown University 5: brown University

Brown university consists of Alpert Medical School, School of Professional Studies, Graduate School, The College, School of Public Health and the School of Engineering. Check Alabama State University facts here.

Facts about Brown University 6: the dual degree program

The students at Brown University can enroll in a dual degree program. At the end of the course, the students will be awarded with degrees from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design after studying for five years.

Brown University Pic

Brown University Pic

Facts about Brown University 7: the primary campus

Can you guess the location of the primary campus at Brown University?  You can check College Hill Historic District of Providence City. In New England, it is considered as the third largest city.

Facts about Brown University 8: the alumni

The alumni of Brown University are called Brunonians. There are several notable alumni from Brown. One of them is Jim Yong Kim, president of World Bank and Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve.

Brown University Image

Brown University Image

Facts about Brown University 9: the famous alumni

Brown University has produced 8 billionaire graduates, 57 Rhode scholars, 7 Nobel Prize winners, 10 National Medal of Science laureates, and many more. Get facts about Baylor University here.

Facts about Brown University 10: the current president

Christina Hull Paxson is the current president of Brown University. She sits on the office since 2012.

Brown University Facts

Brown University Facts

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